Divine Inspiration is Nowhere

Sky couldnt tear
Stars couldnt shatter
Birds couldnt b chatter
Its all against nature
But human soul is now ruptured
Enmity,Malice,Hunger rear
Insight has lost sumwhere
Tearng emotions of others
Shatterng trust of poors
Chatterng to an extent one hears
Lackng foresight for one bears
Divine inspiration is no where
One showing absolute powers
Other fellow just has to suffer
Unknown of what labour preach
But labourer will atlast b free
Of all cares,worries n Cheifs
He’ll b raised in heavens
Unafraid ov all evil demmons
Where no one can hurt one’s heart
All souls are free,free apart
Happiness,charms captivating arts
Thier minds will enjoy that all…….

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