Global climate change: God's doing or man's?

Global Climate ChangeI have been arguing against man made global warming since I started writing articles. I have not changed my mind one iota and have even become more convinced than ever. This last week, it hit the fan again and the the power of large grants for research again flexed it’s muscle.

NASA administrator, Michael Griffin, told a National Public Radio (NPR) interviewer that he was not sure global warming was something we should be worrying about. He said that he had no doubt that a trend of global warming exists but that he did not believe it was something we should be worried about.

Now, after some of the ones with influence have gotten hold on Mr. Griffin, he has apologized! He has not recanted, only apologized for mentioning it. Read his statement from the Associated Press:

“Unfortunately, this is an issue which has become far more political than technical and it would have been well for me to have stayed out of it.”

“All I can really do is apologize to all you guys … I feel badly that I caused this amount of controversy over something like this,” he said

This hit the headlines like a nuclear explosion. I had already read somewhere that NASA had about decided that global warming was indeed a result of the solar activity rather than man.

The atmospheric temperature has been dropping now for a full decade due to the lack of solar activity and most scientists not on the grants payroll, have long since argued that this is simply another of the regular cycles of temperature change. Yet, the “Chicken Little” mentality continues to drive the populace into believing the sky is falling.

Numerous highly ranked scientists have already signed a gigantic petition indicating their opposition to the man-made climate change theory. But those who are under humongous grants for their investigating this natural phenomena keep blistering the public with their stupid theory that a slight increase in carbon dioxide particles are causing it. The tiny increase in the carbon, which is a tiny portion of the atmospheric makeup could never cause such a thing as global warming. They know it. They just want to milk it for all it’s worth and there are plenty of gullible people to yell the sky is falling to give a semblance of credence to their nonsense.

Now, don’t tell me that a large amount of pressure was not put on Mr. Griffin simply because he was being honest. This nation, as most of the other nations of the world, is presently in a financial crunch that may prove to massive from which to recover. Yet, for those who are getting fat from this ruse have taken it so far as to cause us and most of the world, to go even deeper into debt to try and fight off this natural cycling of temperature which has been up and down since any records have been kept. This should be a criminal offense and people, such as Al Gore and other outspoken, jet traveling polluters should be prosecuted for having promulgated this farce.

The U.N. has bought into this charade as a ruse to invoke a world-wide taxation to fight this imaginary enemy. And guess who will carry the burden of taxation? Guess who will be forced to reduce their emissions most of anyone in the world? There is no guessing to do. It is a foregone conclusion that the U.S. Will be expected to carry the load when we are not able to carry our own load. It is time our politicians woke up and paid attention to some of these honest scientists who “slip up” and tell it like it is, only to face the possibility of being cast out of the “society”. Joel Hendon

Scientists have recently discovered a fantastic new concept of what becomes of the carbon. The following link is quite exciting and to this author proves that God installed checks and balances. Read it…

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