Zionists’ latest Hoax: The “Stolen Election”

Historically, the entire Zionist dogma is based on hoax and myths. French philosopher, Roger Garaudy, in his controversial book The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, for which he was fined US$40,000 by a Paris court on Jewish Lobby’s charges of him being an “Holocaust denier”!

The Zionist-controlled western world’s too believes in ‘political myths’, based on ‘Islamophobia’ or the fear that the particular government may rebel against western domination. In the Muslim world, we have seen this Zionist-projected hysteria during the 1992 land-slide victory of Algerian Islamic Party (FIS), the victory of Turkey’s Islamic party Fazilat (Virtue), the 2000 victory of current Turkish ruling party AKP, the 2006 victory of Palestinian Islamic Resistance (Hamas), the so-called “defeat” of Lebanese Islamic Party (Hizb’Allah) in the recent elections (even though Hizb’Allah lead opposition parties received over 53% votes), and elections of anti-US governments in Venezuela and Bolivia. However, the last week’s election victory by receiving 63% of total votes cast – generated the biggest circus of Zionist Islamophobia.
Hundreds of Jewish think tanks, the West’s so-called “intellectuals” on Jewish Lobby’s payroll, and even the former MOSSAD agent, French President Sarkozy – are calling the Iranian election as “the dirty side of Islamic Revolution”, “Mullah Fascism”, “the Fraud”, “Stolen Election”, and some Zionist idiots even predicted the begining of a “Civil War” !

While the Zionists are bending backwards to cover their latest political humiliation – Professor James Petras, the scholar who exposed Israeli hands behind the blasphemy – Danish Cartoons, has exposed the the latest Zionist Hoax in his June 18, 2009 article Iranian Elections: The \”Stolen Elections\” Hoax:

“The western leaders rejected the results because the ‘knew’ that their reformist candidate could not lose. For months they published daily interviews, editorials and news from the field ‘detailing’ the failure of Ahmadinejad’s administration, they cited the support from clerics, former officials, merchants in the bazaar, and above all women and young urbanites fluent in English, to prove that Moussavi was headed for a lanslide victory. A victory for Moussavi was described as the victory for the ‘voices of moderation’, at least the White House version of that vacuous cliche’. Prominent liberal academics deduced the vote count was fraudulent because the opposition candidate, Moussavi,  lost in his own ethnic enclave among the Azeris. Other academics claimed that the ‘youth vote’ – based on their upper and middle-class University students from the neighbourhood of Northern Tehran were overwhelmingly for the ‘reformist’ candidate.

The careless and distorted emphasis on ‘ethnic voting’ cited by writers from the Financial Times (a pro-Israel propaganda outlet) and New York Times (a Jewish owned newspaper) to justify calling Ahmadinejad’s victory ‘a stolen vote’ is matched by the media’s willful and deliberate refusal to acknowledge a rigorous nationwide public opinion poll conducted by two US experts just three weeks before the vote, which showed Ahmadinejad leading by a more than 2 to 1 margin – even larger than his victory on June 12…..

The great majority of voters for the incumbent probably felt that national security interests, the integrity of the country and the social welfare system, with all its faults and excesses, could be better defended and improved with Ahmadinejad than with upper-class technocrates supported by western-oriented privileged youth who prize individual life style over community values and solidarity……

The wild card in the aftermath of the elections is Israeli response: Netnayahu has signaled to his American Zionist followers that they should use the hoax of ‘electoral fraud’ to exert maximum pressure on the Obama regime to end all plans to meet with the newly re-elected Ahmadinejad regime….”

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