Indian Missiles Embarassment Continues

Indian Nukes Need More Testing, Say Scientists if the embarassment over India’s missiles capability wasn’t enough, a senior Indian scientist has admitted for the first time that India’s 1998 Pokhran II nuclear tests were actually far from the success they have been claimed to be. The yield of the thermonuclear explosions was much below expectations and the tests more a ‘fizzle’ rather than a big bang.

It is important to note that India does not have a functional long range missile. The 250 km ‘Prithvi’ is the only fully tested, functional, and ready deployed nuclear-capable missile that India has in its arsenal. With doubtful nuclear capability, India’s missiles might not be more than a set of expensive fireworks.

Pakistan’s 2,500 km ‘Ghauri’ on the other hand is able to reach all major Indian cities, with Ghauri III (3,500) and Tipu (4,500) nearing testing stage.

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