Keep the 6th Sept spirit alive

Defence Day of Pakistan AS the nation   commemorated the epoch  making events of 6th September , a memorable day in the history of the country when our valiant armed forces backed by the people foiled aggression against the motherland, the political and armed forces leadership in their messages have resolved to confront the internal and external challenges with the spirit and enthusiasm displayed on this day in 1965.The media and members of the civil society expressed similar resolves in functions held across the country and called for unity in our ranks and files to defeat the nefarious designs of the enemies of the country.

At this critical juncture when internally the country is confronting the monsters of terrorism and extremism and at the external front the enemy is bent upon realizing its ugly designs, it is essential to display the same spirit when the armed forces and the people defended the borders collectively and thwarted the treacherous designs of India. Holding of this annual event is necessary to keep the younger generation informed of the historic occasion. We need to stay reminded that Pakistan is not out of troubles and facing a multitude of complex challenges, which threaten our national cohesion and integrity. It has porous border and the enemy is arming its three services to the teeth by acquiring lethal weapons in addition to modernizing and expanding nuclear arsenal. The question arises for what purposes? The simple answer is that India has no threat from its small neighbours and through this massive induction programme it wants to impose its hegemony in the region and make the small neighbours to submit before its military might. Pakistanis as a proud nation can not and will not accept the hegemony of any one, big or small and are ready to sacrifice for the defence of the country. Therefore it is of paramount importance that while we continue to strengthen and modernize our armed forces, the spirit of 6th September should be kept alive.PakObserver


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