Racism raising its ugly head in US

It is ironical and shocking that Barack Obama who was very popular, vibrant, visionary and gave the message of “Change” during last year’s presidential election would be losing his popularity so soon not only for his policies but also being a black African-American. His election was a moment of triumph for the US and a major step towards erasing the awful stain of slavery.

Most Americans had hoped dearly that the issue of race would not be an over-arching concern and it wasn’t while Obama was very careful not to raise racial issues during his campaign. But now nearly 8 months in office, the issue has been given oxygen by a series of events. The first was the outburst by a South Carolina Republican Congressman during President’s address to the joint Houses on Health-care Reforms. If one turns on the TV news now, one is assailed with reports of disgracefully racist placards being carried at anti-Obama rallies nominally billed as opposition to health-care reform. We believe that a person duly elected with popular votes has every right to remain in the White House for the mandated term but the sentiments of racism are plunging his popularity graph due to falling Whites support. Commentators at the time of incident said it was racial and now the issue has been given extra impetus by former President Jimmy Carter who stated boldly that Mr Wilson’s intemperate outburst was “based on racism” and ran “deeper” than mere policy opposition. These events and comments are a clear proof that history and racial tension did not stop with the election of Obama. Though President Obama and his administration refuse to depict the motivation of their critics as racist yet the words uttered in hatred by Republican lawmaker were a brutal reminder that the election of Barack Obama did not usher in a new age of post-racial politics in the US. In our view racism is the worst form of extremism, could burst some day and cause harm in some way or the other due to hatred against coloured people and particularly when one is President. These incidents exposed the real face of America, shallowness in the society and how it least cares for human values. PakObserver.net


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