Afghan soil being used against Pakistan: DG ISI

ISLAMABAD (Agencies) – Director General ISI Ahmad Shuja Pasha said on Tuesday that Afghan soil is being used for terrorist activities in Pakistan, adding that peace cannot be established in Pakistan unless infiltration from Afghan border is stopped.

Briefing Parliamentary Committee on National Security, the DG said that the drug mafia in Afghanistan is supporting terrorists who are creating unrest within Pakistan.

According to reports, the committee members believe that the Pak-Afghan border should be fenced and movement across the border should be strictly monitored.

The members also called for the need to enhance security along the Pak-Afghan border.

The committee also discussed US President Obama’s new Afghan policy’s implications and possible backlash on Pakistan’s sovereignty.

The Parliamentary Committee assembled under chairmanship of Senator Raza Rabbani at Parliament House here and discussed various issues of prime national importance, especially over Afghan policy with reference to upcoming international conference in London later this month.

Briefing a group of journalists after the meeting, Senator Rabbani said that the DG ISI briefed them on important issues and gave overview of the present situation, however, the Senator declined to share details of the briefing due to classified nature of the information. “Well, we studied repercussions of Barack Obama’s Afghan policy and the members were given preview of the current circumstances. We discussed that what backlash can be on Pakistan’s national security?” said Rabbani.

Former Leader of the House further said that like ISI earlier Foreign Office (FO) had also briefed the committee on national security matters in wake of changing geo-political paradigms. The committee would analyse the Obama policy and provide the FO with recommendations for representing Pakistan’s stance at London Conference effectively. “We look forward to finalise the recommendations by tomorrow afternoon. and those inputs will be prepared in light of FO and ISI briefings, besides proposals submitted by the parliamentarians will also be incorporated,” he maintained.

Rabbani said that the committee expressed its serious concern over discretionary laws against Pakistani-origin people at various international airports and observed that the revised regulations were total violation of International Human Rights Declaration. We demand the government to take up the issue at various international forums through the diplomatic channels, the committee chairman said.

Meanwhile, the chairman expressed his regret over increasing drone attacks in Pakistani territories despite cry of the Parliamentary Committee and continuous condemnations by the nation.


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