Hobrooke defends India: Downplays Gen Kapoor’s threats

It has been two weeks since General Kapoor made his last asinine faux pax. Out of a billion Bharatis (aka Indians) one could not find the time to repudiate the inane imbecilic threats of General Kapoor who is embroled in a crisis of credibility, corruption and nepotism. One of his aides is indicted in a huge scandal.

ISLAMABAD: Recent statements by the Indian Army chief do not reflect New Delhi’s national policy, US special envoy Richard Holbrooke said on Wednesday. “What [Indian Army chief] General Kapoor said does not reflect the Indian national policy,” said Holbrooke – suggesting that it was the Indian Army chief’s personal opinion. Talking to a group of editors and columnists, the US special representative said his country would not broker relations between Pakistan and India. “It is for Pakistan and India to engage in a process of dialogue, and we support it,” he said. He acknowledged that Pakistan’s security concerns were legitimate. ‘Gen Kapoor’s statement doesn’t reflect India’s national policy’

Now we have a White man from across the oceans come to Pakistan and defend the national policy of Bharat–saying that General Kapoor’s  statement did not represent Bharati national policy.

It is absolutely amazing that the world should listen to Ambassador Holbrooke for news about Bharat—all statements from Delhi not withstanding.



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