Pak nuke capability sans US aid: Dr Khan

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

Islamabad—Renowned Nuclear Scientist of Pakistan Dr. Qadeer Khan has pointed out that Pakistan owing to its best missile technology can target every city of India and Pakistan got its nuclear capability without American assistance. He was talking to visit media fare on Saturday.

Talking to a private TV channel here on Friday, he disclosed that Pakistan had got the nuclear capability in 1984 and Pakistan had not utilized American assistance to for its atomic capability adding that during the decade of ninety annual budget of KRL (Kahuta Research Laboratories was allocated only $ 20-25 millions.

He also disclosed that he had written a letter to former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif regarding permission for atomic explosions as he was threatened of possible sanctions that could be imposed on Pakistan, so he took the courage and directed to atomic explosion.

“Pakistan’s defence has been made incredible and let the history decide itself, what “I served for my country adding that I couldn’t forget the love and honour bestowed on me for my Nation”, the greatest patriot declared.

He also disclosed that Pakistan has assisted North Korea a little bit regarding their nuclear capability and CIA couldn’t detect about Pakistan’s nuclear capability even after ten years’ adding that Israel will never dare to interfere with Pakistan.

Responding to a query, he disclosed that former President Pervez Musharraf has threatened to hang him, unless he ‘admitted the mistake before the Nation for being responsible for transferring nuclear capability to other countries”.

Replying to another he pointed out that PML-N leadership was voicing vehemently about me during their election campaign but after the elections of 18th February they didn’t never even utter my name, adding that “I had no false notions that PML-N after assuming power in the federation will make me President of Pakistan”.—Online


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