India blamed China for RAW generated cyber terrorism

  • RAW’s Black Snakes asked Delhi to accuse China for hacking, cyber espionage in 2009 too
  • Black Snakes’ operation was aimed at disrupting Pak-China ties, giving bad name to both
  • India blamed Pakistan for generating cyber terrorism in 2002
  • The given websites were found repeatedly hacked by RAW itself
  • Pakistan government’s websites were hacked the same time it was blamed of hacking
  • RAW’s top cyber assassins remain Black Snakes, Milworm, Rsnake groups, DoctorNuker and Mr. Sweet
  • RAW found involved in Cyber Stalking & Cyber harassment too
  • Also found involvement in money laundering, heinous crimes over cyberdome
  • RAW’s official Manish Kathuria arrested by Delhi Police for Cyber stalking but then released without any further action

The Daily Mail—Just when it was being thought that the rift between Black Snakes and Green Force had rested, the former did what snakes are best at doing, biting, and so did the Black Snakes, the cyber terror wing of Indian Intelligence Agency Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW, following the methodology that when the prey least expects it and to put it more straight, what the RAW’s coward Black Snakes have always been best at doing, bite in the dark so that their face remains hidden, and chose a most unexpected time, and ever so ruthlessly that even their own blood is shed in the way to make it look like a genuine attack on them, blaming some carefully thought up foe, attaining the mission at all costs. Many a times, the blame had been thrown on ISI’s Green Force while all it does is self-protection in the cyberdome. One feels pity on the RAW who still think that they can befool the world and continue to play havoc, generating terrorism in Cyberdome as well. Thanks to the IT age we live in, now the world knows better and each time the Black Snakes lift their heads to bite and blame others, their identity is revealed by their very serpent nature, reveal the detailed investigations, carried out by The Daily Mail into the Indian blames that their official computer networks were hacked by China’s official hackers.

Everyone must have gone through India’s latest claim, blaming China for hacking it’s various websites and secret data. But what some might have forgotten and let me remind you of it, it was in fact early 2009 that the news got lose of China tapping into classified documents from government and private organizations in 103 countries, including the computers of Pakistan. The same moment, Conficker Worm threat got out too, set to bite computers on April Fools’ Day. The latter proved to be a hoax though but the former, when investigated by The Daily Mail, was found to be a plunder created by Black Snakes in fact; a pack of crackers of India’s agency RAW. Though all evidence gained by the white hackers across the globe pointed towards China as the main source of the network, they failed to conclusively detect the exact identity or motivation of the crackers which was later on found to be that of the Snakes, disclose the findings of The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal further that a cyber espionage network involving over 1,295 compromised computers from the ministries of foreign affairs of Iran, Bangladesh, Latvia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Barbados and Bhutan, as detected. Systems were found to be hacked of the embassies of Pakistan, South Korea, Indonesia, Romania, Cyprus, Malta, Thailand, Taiwan, Portugal, Germany. Everyone knows the cordial ties between Pakistan and China. Thus apparently, one couldn’t see any motive there and so, through a little further Cat and Mouse chase, the truth shone out finally, anyway. And we knew better than to fall under the boobie trap thrown by the Indians!

The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that as for the most recent oh-so-distressful Indians remains that Chinese hackers tried to penetrate computers in the offices of National Security Adviser MK Narayanan, a British paper quoted him as saying. Narayanan said that his office and other government departments were targeted on 15th, the same date that US defence, finance and technology companies, including Google, reported cyber attacks from China. As if not satisfied by blaming China, India again revealed it’s true face when Narayan further said in the same statement, while he expected China to be an increasingly high security priority for India, the main threat still came from militants based in Pakistan. He said that Islamabad had done nothing to dismantle militant groups since the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and criticised Britain for accepting it’s excuse that such groups were beyond it’s control while everyone knows that Pakistan has been the frontrunner in countering terrorism. “The British are still blinkered on this. We believe Pakistan’s policy of using terror as a policy weapon remains”, Narayanan said, adding that India is anxious to prevent an attack from Pakistan during the Commonwealth Games in October. The effort was, it seems, simply aimed at to shift focus from their own mischief in the Cyberdome, towards something else, even if untrue, throwing dry mud over Pakistan, again hiding it’s face behind false expressions.

“From Pakistan’s point of view, it’s important to disrupt the Games so you can claim that India is not a safe place”, Narayanan said. Now speaking of Cyberdome, where the hell did militancy in Pakistan came from? This really meant that all the advisor was doing or is rather paid to do is throw dirt on Pakistan and really didn’t know anything about the cyber world to say the least. And of course, it was later revealed by the probe done by The Daily Mail that RAW’s Black Snakes cracked Indian websites, just to give China and Pakistan a bad name and to create misunderstandings between the two countries sharing cordial ties.

Take another step backward, to 2002, and here’s another accusation. ‘Pakistani hackers have made several attempts to hack into Indian sites—especially those containing data on sensitive information relating to nuclear test management—to access sensitive information related to the India’s security, said sources in the Intelligence Bureau’, claimed a website. It further stated, ‘Although the Indian websites were repeatedly hacked in the past, according to IB officials, the recent attempts were aimed at accessing crucial data secured under severely firewalled servers.’ In fact, it was revealed through the findings of The Daily Mail that the Indian websites were repeatedly hacked by the RAW’s Black Snakes as a practice before they actually made their big target, completely hacking the data while putting the blame on Pakistan of course.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that it was the same time when the websites of Pakistan government were being hacked. How could the ISI’s G-Force hack Indian websites and get it’s own cracked as well, all at the same time? The accusation didn’t rest here. ‘The hackers, according to officials, may be on the payroll of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence; ISI’, the source stated, identifying the cracker groups of Pakistan as Milworm, G-Force and individuals such as Rsnake, DoctorNuker and Mr Sweet, who had all, time and time again, been targeting Indian and US sites alike. However, by the way, US has no clue to this bullshit, yet the RAW does not rest blaming Pakistan and trying endlessly to gain attention. The findings of The Daily Mail, on the other hand, reveal that Indian agency RAW’s cyber criminals use pseudo nicks like Black Snakes, Milworm, Rsnake and in fact the individuals DoctorNuker and Mr. Sweet have been a couple of such IDs that they have been using to hack websites and blame Pakistan for it. Using Spoofing technique, these cyber crackers have been able to hide their identities which the ISI’s Green Force has been able to catch, through thorough probe over the cyberdome, time and time again.

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that the cyber terrorism does not just remain confined to cracking codes of essential websites but in fact there’s many other forms of cyber terrorism that the Black Snakes are good at, one of the many being Cyber Stalkingl. Typically, the cyber stalker’s victim is new on the web, and inexperienced with the rules of netiquette & internet safety. Their main targets are the mostly females, children, emotionally weak or unstable, etc. It is believed that Over 75% of the victims are female, but sometimes men are also stalked. The figures are more on assumed basis and the actual figures can really never be known since most crimes of such natures go unreported.

The common obsessional stalker refuses to believe that their relationship is over. Do not be misled by believing this stalker is harmlessly in love. The next type is the delusional stalker. They may be suffering from some mental illness like schizophrenia etc & have a false belief that keeps them tied to their victims. They assume that the victim loves them even though they have never met. A delusional stalker is usually a loner & most often chooses victims who are married woman, a celebrity or doctors, teachers, etc.. Those in the noble & helping professions like doctors, teachers etc are at often at risk for attracting a delusional stalker.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that delusional stalkers are very difficult to shake off. These cyber stalkers are angry at their victim due to some minor reason- either real or imagined. Typical examples are disgruntled employees. These stalkers may be stalking to get even & take revenge and believe that “they” have been victimized. Ex-spouses can turn into this type of stalker.

Two different kinds of cyber stalking situations which can occur. Online harassment & cyber stalking that occurs & continues on the internet and Online harassment and stalking that begins to be carried on offline too. This is when a stalker may attempt to trace a telephone number or a street address. Always be careful what details you give out over the web and to whom. This should not surprise anyone, especially women, since sexual harassment is also a very common experience offline. The internet reflects real life & consists of real people. It’s not a separate, regulated or sanctified world. The very nature of anonymous communications also makes it easier to be a stalker on the internet than a stalker offline. Sexual Harassment, Obsession for love, Revenge & Hate and Ego & Power Trips Ego have been identified as the many reasons for generation of cyber stalking instances in India.

The Daily Mail’s further investigations reveal that in India’s most recent case of cyberstalking, Manish Kathuria, actually an undercover official of RAW was arrested by the New Delhi Police. He was stalking an Indian lady, Mrs.Ritu Kohli by illegally chatting on the website MIRC using her name. He used obscene and obnoxious language, and distributed her residence telephone number, inviting people to chat with her on the phone. As a result of which, Ritu kept getting obscene calls from everywhere, and people promptly talked dirty with her. In a state of shock, she called the Delhi police and reported the matter. The police department, after a little harassment themselves and enjoying for awhile, only traced the culprit when her husband went to the high-ups and used influence. A case was ultimately slammed under Section 509 of the Indian Penal Code for outraging the modesty of Ritu Kohli.

Gone are the days when fun and fame were the sole aim of cyber hijackers, making fast buck is the key motive of today’s cyber crackers. These nerds can outsmart cracker king Kevin David Mitnick. The tech savvyness attached to the profession makes it proliferate in terms of value and volume, said a leading cyber expert. A case of a Chandigarh bank executive Mr. Vasudeva can easily make one realize the reality and power of cyber crime and their mafias. He logged on to a social networking site, a couple of months ago. “Soon, I started receiving mails from unknown sources asking about my health and home loan details. I thought someone who knows us well was playing a prank, until a tech-savvy friend realised my computer was hijacked and turned into a BOT (a hijacked computer), a captive. In this case, when Vasudeva logged on a virus called as malware/spyware download itself automatically in the system and started sending the files to the outsider even passwords too from where it came. Over 10,000 computers are converted into BOTs a day and are linked into large networks of such computers, called BOTnets. On an average, around 400 BOTs are created a day in India by RAW’s cyber criminals, says a recent study. The country has over 40 command-and-control servers having 38,465 distinct BOTs. Among the cities, Mumbai reported a share of 33 percent, followed by Delhi at 25 per cent, Chennai 17 percent and Bangalore 13 percent. Cyber criminals sell stolen information be it credit cards, credit verification values, bank accounts on the underground economy servers. The buyer is then required to pay cash. Unwilling to risk exposure, buyers use cashiers agents who convert the stolen information into true currency in the form of e-gold (wherein the process is instantaneous and the payments are final, ensuring no charge-backs) or through money transfers.

The Daily Mail’s investigations prove that it is high time that Pakistan’s ISI’s Green Force takes note of the cyber crimes and in fact, the world notices the cyber terrorism going on around by the Cyber terrorists of RAW and just not take preventive measures for the cause but go an extra mile in saving women and kids from harassment. Websites should be made more secured and closely monitored on a regular basis whereas attention should also paid on cyber havoc played by the same promoting flesh trade over the net after abducting ladies and various other unseen crimes that are heinous but mostly untrackable as spoofed. Black Snakes is just one mafia of RAW but there are many infecting and hiding in various dark nooks of the so vast cyberdome. We believe that it is high time the menace be countered and the claws of RAW serpents be arrested so that the cyberdome and in fact the world be a safer place to surf around. That’s a long shot but till then, happy surfing and watch out for all the bugs and snakes!

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