NATO, Afghanistan and Israel

Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, while addressing the two-day conference of the defence ministers from NATO’s 28-member-state in Istanbul on February 5, 2010 – told them that Afghanistan belongs to the Afghan people and the country’s problems can only be solved by the Afghans and not the western countries occupying Afghanistan. He also told the ministers that over 15 million Afghan children need food, clean water and education and not foreign troops. The conference was also attended by pro-Israel British politician Catherine Ashton on behalf of EU and and US puppet government in Kabul’s interior and defence ministers.

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen earlier admitted that Afghan resistance to the US and its willing collaborators – have been gaining more and more popularity among the frustrated Afghan population. According to him the resistance had only 400 members in 2004, jumped to 25,000 in 2009 and 30,000 now. These ill-equipped Taliban are fighting against the world’s most deadly armies of close to 140,000-strong. The chief of the US-coalition forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal told the conference: “The coalition forces are not winning the war in Afghanistan”.

According to the Christian Science Monitor (September 11, 2009), Taliban have recaptured  more than 80% of Afghanistan territory. Former Senator Fred Thompson, last year also admitted that the US has lost the war in Afghanistan many years ago. “It really doesn’t matter how President Obama divides the Afghan baby, how he splits the difference between McChrystal and Biden. Because the war has been lost,” Thompson said on his radio show”

Earlier during the London Conference on Afghanistan, held on January 27-28 in London (UK) – it was revealed that NATO has offered US$300 million to Taliban if they lay-down their armed resistance against US-NATO forces. The offer was rejected by Taliban leadership as the defeated West’s  ”exit strategy”.

Interestingly, most powerful pro-Israel Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) published an article by its “defense analyst’, Stephen Biddle who put the blame for Afghanistan mess on US puppet Hamid Karzai, who was re-elected as result of US-sponsored fraudulent election not long ago. However, none of the loud-mouth Islamophobes calling Ahmadinejad’s re-election as a result of “fraud” election – whispered their disapproval Karzai’s re-election. “The success in Afghanistan will require among other things, a conscious decision by Hamid Karzai to implement reforms. If we cannot pursue him to do that, we are not going to succeed”. My guess is the idiot think that Karzai is another Benjamin Netanyhu!

Zionist entity is very much interested in joining NATO to protect itself from Islamic resistance groups and Islamic Iran. The secret was brought out of the Zionist liter-box by no other than NATO chief commander in Europe (2003-05), James Jones (currently Obama’s national security adviser), in March 2006 that the deployment of NATO AWACS aircraft in Israel was “a clear signal to Iran”. In May 2006, eight NATO navy pieces arrived in Haifa ahead of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. After the war, then Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni in her address at NATO-Israel relation seminar held at Herzylia, said: “Israel would have preferred NATO to do the job that Israel did in Lebanon”.

In June 2006 – AIPAC-stooge US Congress Committee on Foreign affairs, unanimously passed a decision calling for a closer NATO-Israel ties. Interestingly, none of the western-puppet Arab regimes, which are jumping up-and-down on Iran’s non-existent nuclear threat – raised voices of concern on Zionist entity’s becoming the first non-Arab country in the Middle East to have such closer bond with NATO. Once Israel is accepted as a member, NATO’s charter will demand all its 28-members to die in defence of the artificial colonial entity.

James Jones, the US national security adviser with the full support of Israel Lobby (AIPAC, ADL, AJC, etc.) is reportedly busy putting in-place for controlling Gaza and the West Bank on belf of Israel. The plan is said to involve actual policing of those two Palestinian ghettos by the NATO-led “peace-keepers”. Interesting, the plan has Fatah president, Mahmoud Abbas’ blessings too! Rehmat’s World

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