Agents and conspirators

Afshain Afzal

Pakistan is being blamed for Mumbai attacks and is under immense international pressure to take action against the culprits. Islamabad is trying its level best to sustain international pressure as it hasn’t got much choice to fulfill the demand such as ‘to call a chicken a monster’. Despite the fact that cases against those blamed for Mumbai attacks are still pending in Pakistani courts, New Delhi is pressurizing Pakistan to take action against those suspected to be involved in the attacks. One wonders, what will happen if innocence of these people is proved in the court. One suspects that in such a case India is not going to accept the court’s verdict. On the contrary, it is beyond comprehension that why Ajmal Amir Kasab has not been put on the gallows by now, when India claims to have been in possession of solid evidences. Despite the passage of around one year and three months, India is unable to take action against Kasab, who as claimed by India was caught red handed. However, New Delhi is expecting from Pakistan to eliminate everyone who is suspected by India to be involved in Mumbai attacks.

Much before the incident of November 26, Mumbai attacks, US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had been trying to convince New Delhi that Pakistan is planning to attack India through its network of terrorists. Ironically, at the same time Islamabad was also tipped about possible attack on its nuclear facilities by New Delhi. Top CIA officials killed during Mumbai attacks had in fact assembled in Mumbai to chalk out plans to counter their own sponsored terror attacks from Pakistan, when November 26 attacks actually took place. Mumbai attacks fell as a surprise for the intelligence bosses at Washington because the timings of the attacks did not correspond with CIA’s plans. The network of US intelligence agents in India and Pakistan were surprised too as their own plan fell flat on them due to the premature action by fellow agents. There were many unanswered questions such as; are there groups within CIA? Whether CIA agents like David Coleman Headley betrayed the agency? If we follow the events that occurred during and after the Mumbai attacks, we can easily reach the true story behind the grand conspiracy. Without going into details of numerous links, being outside the scope of this article, CIA recruitment of disgruntle and criminal elements of the target countries is centuries old modus operandai which has now become an open secret.

Aftermath Mumbai attacks, CIA and Indian intelligence agencies started claiming that two Pakistani origin US nationals namely David Coleman Headley alias Daood Syed Gilani and Tahawwur Hussain Rana are the main culprits involved in Mumbai attacks. In order to reach the truth, we need to go into the background. As per the details Headley was born in Washington. His father was a US national of Pakistani origin namely Syed Salim Gilani while his mother was pure American namely Serril Headley. After the birth of Headley and his younger sister, the family moved to Pakistan. In 1970 Headley parents divorced and his mother returned to the US and opened a liquor bar in Philadelphia “Khyber Pass Pub.” Father of Headley kept his son and daughter with him and educated them in one of the best institutions. Headley also got an opportunity to study at Cadet College, Hassanabdal from where he completed his Matric (1974-1977). As soon as Headley attained the age of 18 years, her mother Serril Headley took legal measures as well as exerted pressure on Headley to move to US.

Accordingly, Headley moved to US and started living in Philadelphia with his mother. Being exposed to liquor, prostitution and other vices of the West in the bar run by his mother, Headley started taking heavy dozes of alcohol and drugs including Heroin. Over all these years, Headley not only become a drug addict but also got engaged in its trafficking. According to US Court record, he was caught red handed carrying heroin in 1989 and charged with conspiracy to smuggle/import the drug. According to court record, he was again arrested in 1994 on drug charges and was imprisoned for 15 months. Later he started working for FBI, CIA as well as US Drug Enforcement Administration and was tasked to penetrate into Muslim communities. After September 11 attacks (9/11) on US highly secure Pentagon and world Trade Centre, CIA brainwashed him and tasked him to look for elements of Al-Qaida and other hostile groups in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

Bollywood Director Mahesh Bhatt’s son Rahul Bhatt in a recent interview to United Kingdom’s Channel 4 said, “I am convinced Headley was working for Americans, for the FBI. I’d nicknamed him agent Headley…. I liked hanging out with him because he could teach methings about my areas of interests, be it guns, intelligence spy-craft.” Links of Rana and Headley are also being established with Pakistanis namely Major (Retired) Syed Abdur Rehman Hashim and Ilyas Kashmiri but this is not an issue of any significance as Pakistani authorities are looking into it. The question arises that when it has been established that David Coleman Headley and Tahawwur Hussain Rana are American intelligence agents then why to carryout unnecessary investigation against anyone else. US will never convict Tahawwur Hussain Rana or David Headley and put them to gallows because they have proved their loyalties to American and British intelligence agencies. CIA main target remained all those who were once associated to Lashkar-e-Tayyiaba or presently taking part in Jihad in Indian Held Jammu and Kashmir (IHK). Otherwise, Mumbai attacks were the handiwork of troika of CIA-Mossad and some elements of RAW, which aimed at creating suspicion and mistrust between India and Pakistan so that they are unable to leap towards peace and friendly relations and are always on hostile terms with each other.

US’ intelligence plot could have been flawless if certain basic defects were catered in the Planning Stage. The blunders in the ongoing conspiracy has not only exposed that Headley-Rana story is self-engineered but now everyone doubts the genuinity of Mumbai attacks. Probably CIA failed to realize that ordinary masses would come to know striking similarities in Headley and Rana as families of both the individuals are related to Western media. Headley father namely Syed Saleem Gilani, worked for Voice of America while father and brother of Rana works for Hill Times. This isn’t all, the biggest blunder that was overlooked is that headley and Rana have common sectarian school of thought which is in clash with orthodox Sunni Muslims. One wonders that how come CIA links both the individuals with Lashkar-e-Tayyiaba when their religious school of thought is deadly against such organizations.

Convection in Mumbai and Denmark attacks is mere a cock and bull story, the real objective of western intelligence agencies is to cripple all Muslim organizations which believe in the fundamentals of Islam. CIA and other western intelligence agencies want to trap Muslims who still believe that Islam is complete code of life and can be applied as political, economic and social system to govern countries. CIA is rejoicing that by engineering Headley-Rana case, they have killed two birds with one stone; by creating further hatred between India and Pakistan as well as established a reason to carryout barbaric attacks on other Muslim organizations in Pakistan and elsewhere. Western countries including US claim to be civilized nations, therefore instead of creating hatred between India and Pakistan, they should leave both the countries at their own. It is expected that if western nations do not interfere in internal affairs of Pakistan and India, they can resolve all their outstanding issues including Kashmir and water dispute. One feels optimistic that in the coming years Pakistan and India would be able to identify foreign agents and conspirators in their files and live with peace and harmony as good neighbours.

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