Perverse role of US think-tanks

Asif Haroon Raja

There are 1777 think tanks based in USA. Likewise, large numbers are working in western countries. These think tanks as well as leading newspapers have remained focused on justifying invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq; to cover up crimes committed by US-NATO forces; to paint radical Muslims within targeted countries as human eating monsters and US forces as liberators. Rather than postulating how to defuse the explosive situation which is threatening world peace, their pens never dry up spewing out poison to further stoke fires of chaos and anarchy. Their write ups are based on tutored themes given by vested interests aimed at distorting facts, spreading disinformation, uncertainty and paranoia so as to keep the pot of war on terror boiling.

They portray the aggressors as virtuous free of any faults and victims of aggression as evil. Great majority of think tanks controlled by Jews are intensely prejudiced, irrational and imbalanced. They work on a given agenda to achieve sinister objectives. They have played a major role in demonizing Islam and Muslims and creating disharmony between faiths. 9/11 was over played to turn the guns of the west against the Muslims. Terrorism was made into a buzzword and every Muslim sporting a beard was suspected to be a terrorist and hounded. New laws were framed to humiliate and persecute Islamists. All freedom struggles waged by Muslims were categorized as terrorism. None discussed the root causes of terrorism or defined terrorism, or state terrorism objectively. Think tanks converted Al-Qaeda into a Frankenstein monster, which haunt policy makers in Washington, London, Tel Aviv and New Delhi. Like Osama bin Laden led Al-Qaeda, Mulla Omar led Afghan Taliban were also described as fiends. All these militants whom they now profusely hate were the blued-eyed of USA and western world in the 1980s since it were these holy warriors, now turned into terrorists, who bestowed the status of sole super power upon USA. Without their heroics USA could never ever have fulfilled its dream. As long as the US loved the Mujahideen they were loved by the free world. No sooner they began to hate them and became egotistical, unilateral and self righteous; it triggered anti-Americanism and the whole world began to hate USA for being selfish, untrustworthy and arrogant.

Judging from the track record and conduct of these jaundiced think tanks, it is quite evident that they are hell-bent to keep USA and Muslim world on a warpath so as to kill two birds with one stone. Clash of civilization between Christianity and Islam suit the agenda of Israel and India, both aspiring to become world powers. The Zionists had first pitched US led western world and Muslim world against Communism and after the fall of latter in 1991, Islam became their next target. Among the Muslims those with religious bent of mind and closer to religion were marked for annihilation with the help of secular Muslim leadership and backed by ultra liberal Muslims. American Jews played a key role in coloring the perceptions of US leaders. In order to turn American and western public hostile against Muslims, 9/11 was master minded by the Jews which changed the dynamics of the globe. Their grisly role has now been sufficiently exposed.

When George W. Bush decided to invade Afghanistan to avenge terrorist attacks allegedly master minded by Osama bin Laden and to ensure homeland security, India offered its full services and tried hard to convince Washington to tackle both Afghanistan and Pakistan simultaneously. Bush Administration ignored the counsel and preferred Pakistan over India because of its remarkable role in war in Afghanistan against Soviet forces in 1980s. As long as Washington trusted Pakistan and its premier institutions it made good progress. No sooner it started to mistrust Islamabad and indulged in undesirable ‘do more mantra’ under the influence of India and Israel and US think tanks, it lost direction and things began to go haywire and once the initiative slipped out of US hands it could not be regained.

In the war on terror, Muslims are being butchered ruthlessly much to the delight of Israel, India and neo-cons in USA. So far over 1.6 million Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan have been killed, as many maimed for life and millions displaced. Worst form of torture and human degradation by the so-called most civilized nations of the world took place. The two countries have been ruined and divided on ethnic lines. Obama on whom high hopes were pinned has proved to be equally worse. He continues to follow self-destructive policies since his sources of information and influencing bodies are the same. Neo-cons of George W. Bush era are still active and influential while Pentagon and CIA in league with hawkish elements within Establishment, State Department and Congress have occupied front seats and are calling all the shots. War on terror has all the gains for foxy Indo-Israeli axis and none for USA except for ignominy.

The US has lost its global prestige, self respect, credibility and financial health because of gross human rights violations, callousness, injustices and double standards and has earned the distinction of most hated country in the world. Anti-Americanism within the entire Muslim world has peaked and never before it was abhorred so intensely. Today the American officials are innocently asking in bewilderment as to why America is hated. The American public kept in a cocoon and unaware of barbarities committed by US forces against hapless people of Afghanistan and Iraq is equally puzzled.

Israel and India have preferred to remain in the background in war on terror restricting their activities to covert operations and propaganda warfare and letting USA to face the music. Pakistan has remained their common foe and both have played a role in building distrust between US-Pakistan relations by playing up the theme that Pakistan’s premier institutions are linked with Afghan Taliban, and by circulating scary stories about Pak nukes. India finances some of the leading think tanks to defame Pakistan.

The think tanks and notable journalists should bring a change in their discriminatory behavior; refrain from spreading fear and chasing phantom of Osama and stop stoking war on terror. Instead they should earnestly work towards finding ways how to put an end to this self-destructive war and how to ensure safe and honorable exit of US-NATO troops from Afghan swamp. They should also come out with a comprehensive treatise highlighting as to why the US has failed in all it’s laid down objectives in Afghanistan.

They should identify root causes of terrorism and suggest remedies; how to resolve chronic disputes of Kashmir and Palestine; how to minimize anti-Americanism within Muslim world; how to get rid of paranoia about homeland security; how to avert clash of civilization and to promote inter faith harmony so as to make the world peaceful. The US intellectuals should sincerely advise US leaders to shun self-destructive policies and bring a visible change in their attitude by adopting path of conciliation, peace and harmony.

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One Response to Perverse role of US think-tanks

  1. sarah says:

    i just watched this and it should be reason enough to realize that the Global War on Terror is a bit of a misnomer and misleading in so many disastrous (and costly) ways.

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