Terrorists Create Terrorists

By Karl Schwarz

If you are paying attention to this Christmas Day wannabee bomber on the Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, make sure you really pay close attention.  There is a lesson to be learned in this unraveling story.

The alleged ringleaders behind this person were formerly prisoners at GITMO! Damn, why am I not surprised?

Now, how does a PEACEFUL, CHRISTIAN NATION like the US make so many enemies?

By lying, by illegally detaining people for no just cause or reason, robbing them of years of their lives, torturing them, demeaning and defiling them, and then arrogantly pretend ‘no harm, no foul’ because of the wanton arrogance of the United States of America under current management.  That is how.

I have stated it very clearly many times in the past five years, there is NO Global War on Terror.  The Department of Homeland Security is protecting American thugs from the wrath of the American people.  That GWOT fable is a DC lie to cover up their true agenda.  The RNC was planning this crap back in 1994-1996 after they took the House and Senate from Clinton and I walked out on them.  They were insane then and they are insane now with this constant pretense of bantering between the DNC and RNC as to ‘who is best at defending America’.

Come to grips with it:  The leadership of our nation is creating the terrorists.  These are not just wars; they are wars of imperialism and wanton greed and initiated on lies.

By preaching human rights, while being the biggest violator nation of human rights on the face of this planet.  That is how.

DC words make a mockery of verbal veracity.

By painting them as enemies when they are not and having brain-damaged mercenary cretins like Blackwater USA wrongfully kill them.  That is how.

By fabricating wars with lies to attack other nations, just so some rich bastards could line their pockets with billions, hundreds of billions or trillions in ill-gotten oil gain.   That is how.

It is completely fitting that they cannot and will not have what they coveted and lied about for the past 30 years.  They have completely and totally perverted and prostituted US policy to line their pathetic sorry-assed pockets.  Just about every nation on Earth has trumped these foaming at the mouth greedy bastards and they will continue to trump them at every turn.

By massacring hundreds of thousands, millions of innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq.  That is how.

By being WAR CRIMINALS and lying every time they open their despicable mouths, just so they do not have to stand in front of a camera, jury or firing squad and ADMIT THE TRUTH of their evil deeds and how sleazy they are as a human being.  That is how.

By aiding and abetting the slaughter of the Palestinians by the Zionist Jew thugs in Tel Aviv.  That is how.

Are you aware that the Pentagon has a group of officers designated as “Off World Officers”, as in, NOT PLANET EARTH military? As if these 3-brain cell idiot military planners think they have the right to project such hatred, hostility, aggression and arrogance beyond this planet?

Did you ever see the original version of ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’?

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