Lahore Suicide Attacks:Indian Proxy War against Pakistan

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By Zaheerul Hassan

On March 13, 2010, two suicidal bombers walked up to Pakistan military vehicles and exploded themselves in densely populated area RA Bazar of Lahore cantt. In these attacks 45 persons included five soldiers killed and more than 120 individuals sustained injures. This is the second attack of on going week.

Earlier on March 8, 2010 Pakistani Intelligence Agency’s “sub-office” in Model Town Lahore was rocked at the time of a suicide attack and killing 15 people and many injured. It is also added here that since January 2010 twenty suicidal attacks have been launched against soldiers and citizens. In the night at about 0830 PM third bomb exploded near Moon Market ,in which many individuals got injured. Out of revealed suicidal attacks, 12 have been carried out against the security forces. President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani and Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani condemned the Lahore blasts of March 12. They expressed condolences with the families of those who lost their lives in the dastardly terrorist act. The President said the government and people are determined to defeat terrorism and such gruesome acts cannot deter the national spirit is ready to defeat terrorists. It is also mentionable here that last year five attacks were launched in Lahore:

15 October 2009: Terrorists attacked Federal investigation Agency
12 June: a prominent anti-Taliban cleric killed by a suicide bomber at his religious school.
27 May: a car bomb attack on police buildings killed 23 persons.
30 March: Gunmen attacked a police academy, killing eight people
3 March 2009: Gunmen killed six police guards in an ambush of the Sri Lankan cricket team.

The conspicuous increase in volatility has been noticed since after ‘Mumbai attack”. India has started all out proxy war against Pakistan. Her Intelligence agency is using criminal elements of FATA and remote areas of Pakistan for fomenting terrorism. Indian Interior minister P Chidambaram and chief of Army Staff repeatedly threaten Pakistan. In a ceremony held on March 12, 2010 Indian home minister once again alleged Pakistan for their domestic ongoing violence and militancy. He said that any act of terrorism from Pakistani territory against India will be taken as not be tolerant in future. In fact the purpose of such types of statements political and military leadership is to justify Indian covert and open sabotage activities against Pakistan. The statements have to be analyzed keeping in view of the on going war on terror. New Delhi is using criminal and militants to terrorize the determined Pakistani Security Forces and general masses. Pakistan Ambassador at New Delhi Shahid Malik while answering to journalists rejected Chidambaram stance and said that India is involved in spreading terrorism in Balochistan instead of resolving burning issue of Kashmir and water.

Indian Chief OF Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor has also clearly shown her desire of striking Pakistan on November 22, 2009 when he warned that a limited war under a nuclear overhang is still very much a reality at least in the Indian sub-continent. On November 23, 2009 Pakistan Foreign Office Spokes man Abdul Basit asked the world community to take notice of remarks passed by the Indian Army Chief. He also said that India has set the stage and trying to impose a limited war on Pakistan.

In this context, earlier Pakistan Army Chief of Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has categorically expressed at number of occasions that Indian attack would be responded in full strength while using all types of resources.

Pak investigation agencies have collected the solid proves in the shape of fake Pakistani and American currencies, Indian made armaments, medical equipments and passports. The dossiers composed of evidences regarding Indian involvement in fomenting militancy in Pakistan has been provided to Indian authorities in recently held sectary level negotiations at New Delhi. It is also notable here that the terrorist are also being imparted training in Afghanistan and India for launching and targeting security agencies and important installations. A wave of suicide and bomb attacks across Pakistan has killed more than 3,000 people since 2007.

Hindus extremists are creating problems in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. India is giving the money and weapons to the terrorists in these countries. India wants to destabilize his neighbours. But she should not forget the result of the Russia / Soviet Union. If India did not changed its behavior then soon would be disintegrated into in 27 parts. Though secular India claimed that she is the most religious in tolerance but on ground facts are quite difficult. Muslims, Christens and Sikhs even cannot shake hand with extremist Hindus. India is the only country in which there are always riots, killing of minorities, raping Tamils, Maoists and Kashmiries innocent women. Yearly more than 3000 individuals of minorities are being killed by Hindus extremists. Sikh still crying for justice and cannot forget the incident of Golden Temple in 1984. The killings of Muslims after Babri Masjid Shahdat went to its extreme where more than 3000 Muslims killed in Gujrat in 2002.

Indian extremists Hindus even don’t spare their own Sikh Prime Minister and use obnoxious language while criticizing him. In one of the comments posted in Indian Express called his Prime minister as “Manhoos Singh Govt’. The commentator also said that Indian government is appeasing all anti national elements. Talks with Pakistan, free entry to kashmiri militants, punishment to Tytler and Sajjan Kumar, everywhere this man (Manmohan Singh) is hurting India. He further stated that Kashmiri Muslims are our enemies. They will never be loyal to India. Crush them with an iron hand. The commentator has written these comments in response to news of killing a sixteen year old Zahid Farooq by a soldier of 68th BSF Battalion in the Kashmir Valley.

Research Analysis Wing (RAW) is known as brain of Indian Hindu Extremists. The radical Hindus are working in the nucleus of RAW. They are famous in elimination of their government and civilian personalities for the completion of their entrusted tasks. It is worth mentioning here that wife of Late Anti – Terrorism Squad Chief Hemant Karkare in an inquiry also alleged Col Prohit for murdering of her husband during Mumbai Drama. Col Prohit was also involved in killing of minorities and blasting of Samjota Express. Islamabad has at number of occasions demanded handing over of the Col to Pakistan for detailed investigations but New Delhi neither took any action against him and nor ready to hand him over to Pakistan. Reportedly, former Indian Intelligence officer Lt Col Prohit would soon be released.

Anyhow, coming back to the topic, I would say that India has chosen a calculated time frame for fomenting militancy in Pakistan i.e. (One) Pakistan Security Forces have met remarkable victory against foreign sponsored militancy; (two) American and NATO forces are no more interested to stay in Afghan region,(three) Indian stay in Afghanistan would be difficult after depart of US led ISAAF forces,(four) President Karzai has carried out successful visit of Islamabad , Pakistan Army Chief has offered the training of Afghan forces and police , (five) Pakistan recently stepped up its drive against the Taliban leadership (six) arresting Taliban second most senior commander, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, (seven) news about arresting many top figure heads of Al-Qaida, (eight) national unity against militancy, (nine) rising political and economical stability of Pakistan, (ten) to change world attention from Indian domestic violence, (eleven) American are stressing to resolve Kashmir and water Issues with Islamabad.

Thus the success of Pakistan, its security forces and intelligence agencies are not being digested by India and she has started a planned fresh wave of targeting heart of Pakistan (Lahore). New Delhi might be trying to force Pakistan to invest more forces on domestic fronts which would be helpful in case of already planned aggression against Pakistan. If it is true then World community should forces India to stop proxy war against Pakistan otherwise it would be proved another disaster for the global peace. USA and Russia should stop providing arms and transferring of nuclear technology to irresponsible country which is busy in spreading terrorism in the neighbouring countries.

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