India should reinvent itself

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By Moin Ansari | Rupee News

The past few weeks have seen the colossal failure of the Bharati (aka India) foreign policy, not just in Afghanistan, but in Iran, China, Bangaldesh, Nepal, and China.

India has to reinvent itself.

Before Delhi begins sprinting, it needs to walk. Before it can walk, it needs to have the ability to crawl. Before Bharat sets its goals on Superpower status, it needs to become a regional power. In order to become a regional power, it has to extirpate penury on its shores and earn the respect of its neighbors. Bharat has neither the friendship, nor the admiration of any of its neighbors. Enemies run near and abroad. The Bharati mentality has even made Australians leery of Indians. The temple indoctrination has to be replaced with modern education–and Pornywood is not the reality of Slumdog Hindustan–Earth, Wind, and Fire is.

The Lankans are accusing Delhi of supporting the opposition candidate. That backfired big time when the current Lankan president got reelected.  In Kabul Delhi supported Abdullah Abdullah against Hamid Karzai. They again bet on the losing horse. An angry Karzai not is more suspicious of Delhi than ever before. Delhi chose to support Rigi the Jundallah terrorists, captured by Pakistan and handed over to Tehra. Rigi had just recently met the Indian Ambassador in Kabul. Bharat also bet on supporting the Bush Administration and the Republican. They had bet on the wrong horse–President Obama won.

Immediately after London, the US accepted Pakistan’s Strategic depth in Afghanistan, and the UK forced Mr. Karzai to deal with Pakistan in brining peace to Kabul. Bharat opposed talking to the Taliban. All the 62 countries represented in London supported talks with the Taliban.

General Kayani had gone to Brussels and explained Pakistan’s position and demands. NATO and ISAF seem to have accepted those demands. The Army’s Kayani Doctrine

  • But it also has an interest that is somewhat different than ours, and that is their strategic depth and always has been for a country that’s very narrow and has its historic enemy to its east. So again, we just have to appreciate this”. General Petraeus
  • “This is not unique, of course, just to Afghanistan and Pakistan and throughout the world. We have interests, they have interests. What we want to do is find the conversion interest, understand where they are divergent and try to make progress together,” General Petraeus

This is what Kanwal Sibal says in the Hindustan Times.

Western overtures to the Taliban constitute a significant diplomatic success for Pakistan. Its grit in resisting US pressure to act against the Afghan Taliban has been rewarded. With US Central Command Chief, General David Petraeus, now averse to Pakistan stirring up any more ‘hornets nests’ in the border areas, a self-confident Pakistani Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani is offering to mediate between the US-Nato and the Taliban. His only condition being that Pakistan’s need for a soft strategic depth in Afghanistan is recognised as an insurance against the Indian threat and limits are put on India’s presence in Afghanistan. Kayani’s stature in Pakistan has risen and Pakistan’s attitude towards India has hardened, as was evident during the recent foreign secretary-level talks in New Delhi last week.

India would need to rethink its options in Afghanistan. We cannot count on President Karzai as before. Our local popularity is a fragile base for retaining our long-term influence, unless we can affect power equations within the country. Anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan need stronger backing by Russia, the Central Asian countries, Iran and India. The US is disregarding India’s long-term strategic interests in the region; it is yielding to Pakistan’s disruptive ambitions in Afghanistan.

There is a hurricane of multimedia commentary on the failure of Bharati diplomacy in Afghanistan. Not only was Bharat excluded from the tripartite conference on Afghanistan in Tehran, Delhi was not invited on the regional conference in Istanbul, and sidelined (Times of India called it “given a 2nd row seat) in London.

Bharat is chagrined at being left out. The Bharati media is up in arms af the colossal failure of Delhi’s foreign policy. Shukla, and others have written long diatribes on how Bharat can engage with different segments of Afghan society so that it can keep a toe hold in Afghanistan. Bharat has rubbed Iran the wrong way by stabbing it at the IAEA and by launching Iran-specific satellites for Israel. Bharat is expected to playing a role in US-led sanctions against Iran. Delhi is also building the Salma Dam in Afghanistan which stops water from flowing into Iran. This is a huge bone of contention for Teheran. Pursuing a Pro-Tel Aviv policy with bring Delhi man blow-back and backlash from the region. Pakistan has traded in Jundallah for Iranian quid pro quo Iranian support in Afghanistan.

A Proxy war in Afghanistan is playing out in Afghanistan. Strategic depth vs Strategic clout is being fought in the Hindu Kush and the Pamirs. Why Iran won’t sell gas to India or allow it to explore its oilfields

Had Bharat ”grown too big for its britches”? The distraught Chan Akya would be ashamed and debased. Machiavelli would be saddened and chapfallen. The crestfallen General Sun-Tzu would be  crushed and humbled. It was a colossal failure of diplomacy–based on what some would call being cut down to size.

This takes us back to memory lane and Sharam El Sheikh.

Premier Singh met Prime Minister Gilani in Egypt on the sidelines of the NAM summit. There was drama before, during and after the meeting. “Advantage Pakistan”, screamed the Times of India. While the anticipated reaction from the Hindu mahasabha is depicted by the headlines of the Times of India, the real failure of Bharati is apparent in the arena of world events. Delhi was blind to the resilience of Pakistan and the nation’s continuing collective refusal to do what the west would like it to do. Delhi had again underestimated the stubborn Pakistanis. Several weeks ago we had predicted that Delhi had been outwitted at its own game. Now the headlines of the Mail Today confirmed our analysis and our predictions. India intoxicated by meager success is blind to real self-portrait of caste infested penury and balkanization.

NEW DELHI — A rare meeting between the Indian and Pakistani premiers this week ended with a pledge to cooperate on terrorism that has triggered anger and consternation back in New Delhi.

Sections of the Indian media, opposition parties and numerous analysts joined ranks to slam what they saw as major concessions made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to his Pakistani counterpart Yusuf Raza Gilani on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Egypt.

The focus of attention was a joint statement from the two leaders stipulating that action on terrorism “should not be linked” to peace talks between the nuclear-armed South Asian rivals. Critics interpreted this as a U-turn from India’s previous insistence that peace talks could only resume after Islamabad brought to justice those responsible for last year’s Mumbai attacks that claimed 166 lives.

“Advantage Pakistan” was the headline verdict of the Times of India, while the tabloid Mail Today thundered “PM sells out to Pak”. India has blamed the assault on India’s financial capital on Pakistan-based militants and suggested they were aided by official Pakistani agencies. On his return from the NAM summit, Singh was given a torrid time in parliament on Friday, with opposition leader L.K. Advani insisting the prime minister had “capitulated”.

Singh argued that the joint statement contained no dilution of India’s position and promised there would be no resumption of any “meaningful dialogue” until Pakistan fulfilled a commitment to bring the Mumbai attackers to justice and to crack down on militant training camps. Advani responded by leading a walkout of opposition MPs.

Most observers were equally unimpressed. AFP

Rupee News had predicted that after the fiasco in Mumbai many multinationals, already under tremendous financial pressure began seeking greener pastures. The decline in foreign investment in Bharat was directly tied to the conniption fit that Delhi threw. They will all like to sell their products to Delhi, but that is all. Bharat’s future is now as bright as the company it keeps on the hunger index–Burkino Faso. The year 2008 will be remembered by the financial markets as the year when Bharat fell into disrepute and its economic growth tarnished by the major faux pax of the government and the “government in waiting” both of which have come across as war mongering bigots.

The Egyptian meeting will be discussed for a long time. The worst criticism of Bharat, of course came from the Bharati media. Mr. Manmohan Singh was advised to wear a hard helmet when reporting the results to the Lok Sabha. The incensed opposition walked out and boycotted part of the proceedings.

India’s former envoy to Pakistan, G. Parthsarthy, said Singh had “wrapped himself up in a contradiction” by appearing to de-link the peace talks from terrorism and then backing off.

“We made a diplomatic faux pas and we should admit that,” Parthsarthy said.

Former foreign secretary Lalit Mansingh was also critical of the “apparent contradictions” between the joint statement and Singh’s subsequent remarks.

“Both the prime ministers (Singh and Gilani) have differing interpretations, which is embarrassing” he said.

Kanwal Sibal, another former foreign secretary, was even more scathing, insisting that the “ill-conceived and badly drafted” joint statement had compromised India’s position and made “unnecessary and damaging concessions” to Pakistan. AFP

In a hedonistic orgy of insane hatred the Indian population supported eight years of Bush–just because he bombed four Muslim countries, and threatened a couple of other three of them long time Indian allies. All notion of independence and non-alignment were thrown into the Indian ocean–all under the lure of the ephemeral transfer of technology (ToT) which will never happen. No corporation in the world will give up it “Coke formula” and commit hari kari.

Bharatis had placed all their eggs in the Republican basket. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh went to the undiplomatic to announce that it would prefer it if the Republicans won the elections. This huge “foot in the mouth” started a chain reaction in the election politics of America. Hillary Clinton was a great proponent of engagement with China. However the humongous financial crisis placed increased pressure on America to reach out and listen to Beijing.

There was an inkling when President elect Obama did not make a phone call to Delhi in the first week of his election victory or even during the first month of his election. The other shoe fell when the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deleted Delhi from her itinerary and visited Beijing announcing a revamped relationship with China. In retrospect these small steps should have given Bharat an inkling of things to come. Riding on the high horse of hubris and arrogance the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh milked the Mumbai tempest in a teapot for all its was worth. The seat warmer Premier Manmohan Singh. The current puppet Prime Minister is of course (warming the seat for another Nehru scion the son of Rjiv Gandhi–Rahul Gandhi. The temporary nature of his job, plus domestic politics made Mr. Singh go for the jugular. Pakistan was caught unaware by the ferocity of the response from Delhi but not intimated by the threats of total war. The Pakistan Army had thoroughly evaluated Steven Cohen’s Cold War strategy and found it lacking in substance and reality. Post-Mumbai Bharat triggered its actors that it had been training for the past six years. Raw had been preparing for attacking Pakistan from the West.

After 911 it found the right opportunity to set up Consulates on the Pakistani border and hired, trained and armed guerrillas against Pakistan. The Baith Mehsud TTP terror was was unloosened on Pakistan, just like Bharat had let loose the LTTE terror on Sri Lanka, and just like the Bharti RAW had tried to meddle in Chinese Tibet. Bharat had a history of these type of activities. In the early days of independence the “Union” was formed by executing an illegal police action on the independent state of Hyderabad. A fake article of Accession was used to occupy the other independent state of Kashmir. In total about 560 states of South Asia was declared enemy states if they did not join the Indian Union. Even those states that had opted for Pakistan, like Junagarh and Manvadar were forcibly annexed into the Bharti Union. It didn’t just stop on the states of the Britigh Empire. Sikkim was annexed, and nehru set his sites upon Tibet.

In 2009, Pakistan reacted against the repeat episode of the Mukti Bahni (General Mankeshaw in his book confessed that he had recruited 80,000 Hindu mercenaries to send to East Pakistan–dressed as Pakistani soldiers to murder and rape the Bengalis)–this time the TTP was routed within three months and Pakistan placed evidence of Bharati complicity in Balauchistan in front of Washington, London, Riyadh, Paris, and Delhi. Clear evidence of Indian hand in Pakistani terror

Bharat has hoped for European and American sanctions on Pakistan. It spent millions on hiring a bundle of agencies that. In 2008 Bharat released a well coordinated media campaign against Pakistan. Every major US newspaper, and TV station carried venomous vitriol not only against the policies of Pakistan, but also the Pakistani state. That campaign was echoed in the columns of the Pakistani Fifth Column as described by (Ardersher Cowasjee, Irfan Husein, Asma Gilan, Ikram Sehgal, Pervez Hoodbhoy and a handful of others). The Fifth Column was funded by huge funds and they made the rounds on the Pakistani movie channel. The loss of water, led to a crisis of electricity and the country was demoralized by a string of RAW inspired suicide bombings on Pakistani icons–the Marriot in Islamabad, and the PC in Peshawar.

The initial incompetence of the new PPPP government was self evident it its silly statements and nonsensical announcements. Mr. Zardari actually did his best to reach out to Delhi–genuinely believing that good words would keep Bharat at bay, while Pakistan dealt with the TTP and the American created chaos on the Khuber Pass. Bharat did not reciprocate. It increased the decibel level of its rhetorical virulence. It took a few months for the new Pakistani government to find its legs. The final nail in the coffin was when Bharat stopped Pakistan water and created a water and electricity shortage in hundreds of Pakistani villages. Mr. Zardari had found his voice now.

By this time Bruce Riedels anti Pakistan animus was at fever pitch. He had supported a convoluted policy called “Afpak”. Neither the acronym nor the policy made any sense. It was as confusing as the Bush Administration policy on Afghanistan was inept. While President Obama announced the bluster on Afghanistan, it was recognized for what it was and “Exit Strategy” disguised as a surge. Our analysis was right on the money. We had seen through the maelstrom for what it was worth.

The last few weeks saw the total defeat of Bharati venom against Pakistan. The USA, the UK, Japan tripled aid to Pakistan, and the EU and America announced trade privileges via Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZ) and preferential import agreements for Pakistan.

In further defeat for the Bharati policies, the US asked the Bharatis to roll back their involvement in Afghanistan. This made the jittery pundits in Delhi panic. When Hillary Clinton arrived in Delhi she asked Delhi to support Pakistan. This was of course diplomatic lingo for stop the terror activities in Pakistan. The capitulation was complete. She ”seduced” Delhi to sign about $20 Billion worth of contracts and laughed all the way to the banks.

This brings us the future.

Bharat chose the wrong and inferior (also ran) superpower to align itself with for the first 50 years. After the destruction of the USSR, she curled up and was in shock for a decade. It then began to open up the society and the economy. Meager success went to tis head, and it really began thinking of itself equivalent to American and Russia and China. Its actions were not commensurate with its Lilliputian stature in world affairs.

India has a few blind spots. It does not know about the blind spots. There is no one to show her the blind spots. India, a youthful country overrun by youngsters eking out a subsistence living in the mirage of Bollywood is unable to look at itself with any semblance of realism. A star struck destitute and impecunious populace is proud of evanescent and unattainable trophies, venerating educational institutions it can only brag about (never get admitted to), Billionaires it can worship on statistic charts and luxuries that it can dream about. Reflections on India By Sean Paul Kelley

Indian Defense Projects. Bharat needs viagra in the shape of useless rusty aircraft carriers, unaffordable nuclear subs (with no nuclear engines), and planes that cannot defy gravity (Mig 21s, Mig 27s, and Mig 29s),  and missiles that do not work (nag, Agni, Trishul etc.). Unable to produce planes, ships, or even basic arms, it spends billions on foreign contracts with huge kickbacks for the corrupt politicians). KPMG report on Indian defense preparedness. While Bharat can only buy planes China and Pakistan are now exporting planes.

Inebriated by blindness towards a the goal of superpower status this populace is unable to see the deep cavities within its boundaries. Young xenophobic India votes for those that are hegemonic and autochthonous. Its leadership impervious of the needs of the penurious is focused on expansionism and destabilizing its neighbors. It behaves like crack-addicts overwhelmed by blind hatred for Buddhists (the real ones who are not Hindu), Dalits, Christians and Muslims–this leadership doesn’t have a clue of what the white world thinks of Indians– unavoidable supplicators at best and disposable computer coolies at worst!

All cannot be measured in concrete and steel. Even in that Bharat lags behind every other country in the world. The land of the Ganges has lost its moral compass and ethical turpitude. Let us borrow a page from the archives of history and what was written in “The Republic” a long time ago. Reading the excerpt may help us differentiate the reality of what is Bharat today and what the ideal should be.

The poor of India, the Dalits, the scheduled classes, the Christians, the Naxalites and the Muslims left behind the onward march towards…march towards what? No one know. Ask the irredentist Akhand Bhartis who hated the vivisection of Mother India. Wars with all her neighbors. All this for the reabsorption of all states surrounding it into a huge monolith which may have existed for 80 years under the reign of Ashoka. Many question whether the mythical king ever existed. Ashoka’s kingdom is the Nirvana of India. Few Indians know that Ashoka is as fugacious as his mythical kingdom.

Did Ashoka exist? Did Pandit Radhakantta create him for James Princep in 1837. Ashoka’s name first appeared in British journals when the White man was writing “Indian history” (James Princep was the first to coin the term “Ashoka).

But don’t tell the pundits (the real ones, not the talking heads on Fox and CNN)–thier entire life depends on churning out the youth who believe in Akhand Bharat. A brianwashed nation unable to comprehend simple facts like–if one cannot control the current states, how can it control hundreds of millions that are forced into “India”–especially if the million are belligerent and don’t want to be part of the mess called “India”. However these are details that are not mentioned in a nation that resembles Weimar Germany–fed on a steady dose of hatred, xenophobia and hostility towards real and perceived enemies.

New Delhi has been working assiduously to realize its strategic objectives in Afghanistan–namely the destabilization of Pakistan. According to Raghav Sharma of the ICPS in New Delhi “India’s primary interests in Afghanistan include the following: negating Taliban’s influence, securing a road and energy corridor to Central Asia and preventing the spread of drug and weapons proliferation.”

The latest developments in Tehran, and Istanbul, culminating in London seem to suggest that Delhi has failed in achieving those objectives. The London conference repudiated Delhi’s intransigence in rejecting overtures to the Taliban. Mr. Karzai was mandated in forming a government of national consensus. He is now traveling to Pakistan to ask for Islamabad’s help in brining peace to Afghanistan by working with the Taliban. Pakistani COAS General Kiyani had traveled to Kabul to propose training the Pakistani Army and Police. This is expected to be accepted by President Karzai who desperately needs Islamabad’s blessings. Resisting Indian hegemony by all neighbors:-Afghan cauldron.

But there is a big picture, too. The Indian strategic community overlooked that the US war had a hidden agenda. Simply put, NATO’s enlargement into Central Asia, the US’s containment strategy toward China (and Russia and Iran) and Pakistan’s key role in US regional strategy – all these impact India’s interests. Most important, there is a likelihood of regional hotspots such as North Caucasus, the Ferghana Valley, Xinjiang and Kashmir lighting up.

Delhi had put all its eggs in the American basket and now needs to activate its regional policies. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is scheduled to arrive in Delhi at the weekend. The Indian foreign minister is scheduled to visit China next month and possibly Iran by the end of March. The annual summit meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in June in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, becomes of added interest to Delhi.

However, the heart of the matter is that the Afghan policy is a microcosm of a larger malaise that the Indian foreign policy and security establishment needs to tackle. There is no evidence that Delhi has the political will to have a course correction in this aspect.

In retrospect, Delhi’s hare-brained idea of a US-led “quadripartite alliance” against China, the “Tibet card”, the dilution of a 2003 strategic understanding with Iran, neglect of the traditional friendship with Russia, the lukewarm attitude toward the SCO, exaggerated notions within the establishment regarding the US-India strategic partnership as an alternative to an independent foreign policy and diversified external relationships – all these appear now like dreadful pantomimes out of India’s foreign policy chronicle of recent years that Delhi would rather not think about.

Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar was a career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service.His assignments included the Soviet Union, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Germany, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait and Turkey.Asia Times. ALL ROADS LEAD TO KABUL. India seeks a new direction By M K Bhadrakumar

Why is the Indian media so immature? Why does sensationalism override journalistic sanity? Why is breaking news the Deity on which truth and altruism is sacrificed on a daily basis? It is pedagogical to note the speed at which the fingers point towards Muslims in general and Bangladesh and Pakistan in particular. Hardly had the ink dried on the news story on the Samjhota Express when the fingers were pointed at Pakistan and Bangladesh. It turned out that the culprits who blew up a train going to Pakistan turned out to be members of the Indian Armed forces with links to the BJP, RSS, Mr. Advani and Mr. Modi.

We have tried to analyze this question in depth and tried to divorce the myth from the Bollywood reality. Is India a failed state? Yes. India is not a state.If India is poor. How long to end poverty in “Bharat” Affluence in Bharat. The status of India has to be looked at. India as world power! Part 1. We broke this article into two parts. World power India: Part 2. The real problem of India is the strange and with amazing that is repulsive to the planet. Chilled Urine drinking hot in India. From Gandhi to Prime Minister Desai to common man. Bigotry runs wild and is sanctioned against the 250 million Dalits. Hindu India: A gift from the Hindu Gods:Cows Urine: UK Telegraph reports by Julian West. More on Urine drinking in India. A fit from the Gods to Hindus. Bottled Cow Urine. Story reported by Daily Telegraph of UK. The situation may have arisen becuase the father of the nation Mr. Gandhi had very strange antics.Sex life of Mohandas Gandhi, his failures and sexual perversion. His life is like an open book. Sex life of Indira Gandhi. It wans’t just Gandhi it was Mr. Nehru also. Nehru was Gay! Affair with Edwina also.

Muhammad Saleh Zaafir has written a prodigious article in the News and Kanwal Sibal has mirrored those same thoughts from an Indian perspective. Both articles portray a sense of dismay and disappointment in Delhi–and a sense of appointment and energy in Islamabad.

Western overtures to the Taliban constitute a significant diplomatic success for Pakistan. Its grit in resisting US pressure to act against the Afghan Taliban has been rewarded. With US Central Command Chief, General David Petraeus, now averse to Pakistan stirring up any more ‘hornets nests’ in the border areas.

  • This outreach to the Taliban imperils India’s interests in Afghanistan.
  • India has also to be wary of Karzai’s search for a Saudi role in the reconciliation process. Given their close nexus, Saudi intervention suits Pakistan.
  • India would need to rethink its options in Afghanistan. India cannot count on President Karzai as before.
  • Is the US failing a critical test of its ‘strategic partnership’ with India?
  • Anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan need stronger backing by Russia, the Central Asian countries, Iran and India.
  • The US is disregarding India’s long-term strategic interests in the region; it is yielding to Pakistan’s disruptive ambitions in Afghanistan.
  • The Pakistani military wants to ensure that it gets a central role in the end game in Afghanistan, in particular in any negotiations with the Taliban. The Americans seem to have agreed to this–provided Pakistan produce the desired Taliban heads. General Kiyani’s visit to Kabul and Mr. Karzai’s return visit will ensure that there are no glitches in this.

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