RAW starts exporting terror to China

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Islamabad—A credible source has revealed, on condition of anonymity, that an NGO has been established by Indian spy agency RAW in Badakhshan which persuades Chinese nationals to join. They will be subsequently trained and sent to the Chinese province of Xingjiang for creating instability. These Chinese nationals are believed to be the members of East Turkmen Independent Movement (ETIM) and are considered suitable for creating unrest in Northern china.

Other reports suggest that the Indian agents have categorically instructed their operatives in Afghanistan and elsewhere for maintaining close contacts with Al-Qaeda for their financial need for ETIM leadership. Pertinently mentioned that Indians have made ingress into camps reportedly established by ETIM in Northern and Southern region of Afghanistan. Moral, material and financial assistance is regularly provided by Indian trained operatives to strengthen and then launch ETIM members for Afghan soil against China.

It is widely believed that Indian intelligence operatives based in Afghanistan while taking advantage of the fragile situation have made concerted efforts to attract maximum Chinese dissidents by offering them widerange of incentives. They are being encouraged to target vital installations and high profile personalities in the Chinese province, including security forces.

The Indian persuasive efforts and training of Chinese dissidents are facilitated with the active support of Afghan intelligence. It is learnt that these trained Chinese dissidents will be sent to Xingjiang in the garb of businessmen through various routes to ensure their safe landing. India also aims to implicate Pakistani Taliban in these activities.

To this end Indians may produce fake identities and push these passport holders to china and later reveal it as proof of Pakistani origin Taliban involvement in Xingjing. This move is aimed at creating cracks in the friendly relationship between Pak-China. —PakObserver

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One Response to RAW starts exporting terror to China

  1. Hira Mir says:

    I would not agree with this. The recent decade we have been blaming others for our own faults. We have not been able to prove anything. No1 is exporting terror but there is certainly a problem within our country. Almost 500 blasts last year. Only Pakistan has this problem at such a high level than we must address it and finish it.

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