India bluffing global powers

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US and Russia consider India as their Gimcrack copartner in the global affairs

Zaheerul Hassan:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin concluded his two days visit of New Delhi on March 12, 2010. During this tour Putin spent most of the time to please his Indian counterpart while pretending his concern over regional security. However, Russian Prime Minister achieved successfully his sole interest to sell substandard nuke technology to India. Russia would be providing 12 nuclear reactors in addition to the armament, air craft carrier and MIG – 29 jets for worth more than $10 billion.

Russian authorities were also in the knowledge that in November 2009 Manmohan Singh has carried out visit of Washington. During that tour he tried to develop and strengthen Indian strategic ties with US and stressed American leadership to conclude already materialized nuclear deal with New Delhi. In fact, one of the interests of Singh visit to US was also to portray India as her trustworthy ally in GWOT, and at the same time convince US authorities to put her as Asian watchdog. India always endeavored to exploit Indo-Sino War 1962 and tried to have soft corner in American think tanks in containing China. Manmohan Singh also tried to persuade American authorities to permit Dalai Lama to visit US. But at this occasion, according to Indian think tanks due weightage has not been given to India over China.US and Russian serious security supervisors and political think tanks normally consider India as their Gimcrack copartner in the global affairs. India always bluffed both the global powers and their intelligence agencies too. American authorities are also very well aware of the facts that the Kremlin always counted India as its largest arms customer and a future partner in the nuclear industry. But in this context, KGB has some different believes about India. After collapse of Great Soviet Union, a KGB Agent has disclosed in his confidential report that Indian has transferred Russian nuclear technology to US. The media reports also confirmed that Indian scientists were happened to involve in transfer of Russian Nuclear Technology to US. In this connection, two American companies with the help of underworld used to carry out smuggling of enriched Uranium and special electronic equipment.

In the early part of 2010, India also carried out three days visit of Saudi Arabia to gain favour over her induction in OIC. She signed an extradition treaty and discussed energy and regional security during the Indian prime minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi King Abdullah and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have discussed the Kashmir and Palestine Issues with Indian. Relable sources also revealed that still Saudi Arabia has not given any guaranty to favour India in getting membership of OIC. The analysis of the current Indian Premier tours of various countries and purchasing of lethal weapons clearly depicts that New Delhi is busy in regional arm race. Thus we can say that she is preparing for war that too nuclear war. Interestingly both spur powers has their main aim of containing China. Thus both atomic powers are supporting India against China just to sell their armaments. Russia supplies 70 percent of India’s military hardware but in recent years New Delhi has looked to other military suppliers including Israel and the United States. But India has in recent years tried to maintain the friendship and balance to this friendship by fostering closer relations with Washington.

In fact India is putting on the mask of fox for bluffing US and Russia. The Indian approach and double face can be judged from her spokesman Vishnu Prakash. In a media reports India’s foreign ministry spokesman Vishnu Prakash described Russia as a “valued partner and time-tested friend.” “We have a similar outlook on a whole host of regional and international issues,” Prakash said.

India is carrying out her missile and nuclear tests on regular basis but in most of the cases Indian scientists either failed or bluffed the two super powers regarding their actual and real nuke capabilities. On March 15, 2010 indigenously made a nuclear-capable missile, lost track of it after it blasted off from a site 200 kilometres (120 miles) from Bhubaneswar in eastern India. It is also worth mentioning here that in 1998 a senior Indian Nuke Scientist revealed that Indian muke explosive was fake. Numbers of incidents have been occurred on nuke plants which caused heavy losses to material and masses. The scientists were also use to be abducted and killed. The failures of the test do also dictate that Indian nuke programme is far behind from Pakistan. World community should mount pressure on Indian authorities to take security measures and stop further nuke explosives.

According to Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) the missile radars after it took off and deviated from its trajectory and so the interceptor was not launched. In last month too, India announced it would test a nuclear-capable missile with a range of over 5,000 kilometers within a year. India’s current longest-range nuclear-capable missile, Agni-III, can travel 3,500 kilometers.

The missiles ranges clearly indicate that these long range weapons are meant for Pakistan and China. The regional peace is directly related to the Indian behavior towards resolving of regional security and water issues. The only way to bring India on the table is to ask world community to pressurize her for establishing peace since failure of negotiations or diplomatic channel will lead this war towards disaster.

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