America has as many moral standards as there are countries in the world !

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by Dr A.h. Khayal

Recently, American drones killed a record number of Afghan civilians at one go. Inspired by the drone’s destruction, the American Secretary of State fired a missile at the Pakistani officials. She alleged that some Pakistani officials knew about Osama’s whereabouts but they did not disclose the fact to America. She warned that Pakistan should be ready for the consequences. One simply wonders that how did she come to know what she alleged that the officials had known. Obviously, her secret agents must have made the discovery for her. But it was not a genuine discovery. It was purely a concocted discovery.

The Secretary should have known that Osama has never had a whereabouts. All the mountains, all the caves and all the valleys which constitute Afghanistan, are Osama’s whereabouts. If he takes a breath in one cave, he takes the next breath somewhere on the top of some mountain. From the mountain-top he dives down into some deep valley for the next breath. The Secretary should know that Osama himself does not know that he is hiding himself. He has been eternally on the move like a gusty wind. Does wind have a whereabout?

Osama is a veritable wind. Capturing him, is like capturing wind. Since, the Secretary herself has always had a whereabouts, she has come to believe that Osama must also be having a whereabouts. What a Secretariat naivety!

Israel has been killing innocent Palestinians for decades. Osama is alleged to have killed about three thousand innocent New Yorkeans. According to Washington, the 9/11 killers must be killed because they killed innocent Americans. America believes that killing an innocent American is a cosmic crime. But killing millions of innocent Palestinians is a cosmic piety.

America has been pursuing Osama in Afghanistan. Simultaneously, she has been pouring riverfuls of dollars and weapons into Israel, in appreciation of Israel’s killing of millions of innocent Palestinians. Some political sages have alleged that America has double moral standards. Unfortunately, the sages are mistaken. Actually, America has never had double standards. She has always had as many standards as she has had political motives. To be precise, America has as many moral standards as there are countries in the world.

By not allowing himself to be captured, Osama has offered a golden opportunity to Obama. Obama can invade North Korea on the pretext that Osama has fled Afghanistan and is hiding himself in North Korea. Having destroyed North Korea, Obama can proclaim that Osama has fled North Korea and is now hiding himself in Iran. Iran should also be destroyed like Korea. At the end of the day, Obama should declare: “We have avenged the killings of the New Yorkeans.”

The Secretary’s fury seems to have subsided. In her new statement, she has made no reference to the officials whom she accused of concealing Osama’s whereabouts. On the contrary, she has appreciated Pakistan’s conduct. What a volte-face! Virtually, the Secretary has eaten her words. Probably, there is nothing more delicious for her than eating her words.

America’s recent history is a history of promise-eating. For years, ex-President Bush kept destroying Iraq. He promised that having achieved his mission, he would reconstruct Iraq. The mission was achieved. Saddam was hanged. The entire country was reduced to rubble. But there was no reconstruction.

America believes that her international supremacy has granted her full power to eat her promises freely. Iraq-like promises have also been made with regard to Afghanistan. Destruction is in full swing in Afghanistan. The mission is to capture Osama. If captured, he would instantaneously be carried to Washington. America would spit a final good-bye at Afghanistan’s face. What about the reconstruction promise? Would there by any reconstruction? Not at all. America would leave the destruction intact to be enjoyed by the Afghanis. America believes that reconstruction would be an interference in the domestic affairs of Afghanistan.

America has arrested Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and put them in her prisons. The prison conditions have crippled all the three prisoners. Out of sheer generosity, America has provided crutches to the three countries free of charge. The countries are given full freedom to wobble about the world on the crutches.

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