Let US discard Indo-Israeli magic charm

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by Asif Haroon Raja

Pakistan has been time and again deceived by USA to achieve its short-term interests. Taking into account its dual faced policies and the roughshod manner in which it has so far dealt with Pakistan; its sudden change of heart should not thrill us. Rather, our leaders should tread their steps cautiously and prudently. Relationship of Hillary Clinton with Israel is well known. Distasteful language she used in the wake of Times Square incident was not a slip of tongue but there was a definite purpose behind it. She thinks before speaking and is not a loudmouthed chatterbox. Knowing her linkage with Israel, her clout in US administration and the tough stance she had taken against Pakistan during election campaign, her utterance cannot be overlooked; that too at a time when an apparent thaw is discernible in Pak-US relations. We should mull over the implication of her callous tantrum dispassionately rather than getting complacent after listening to sweet-talk of US military officials.

We must not ignore the fact that Indo-Israeli nexus is geared towards Pakistan since early 1990s and USA complements this axis. It is now a known fact that Jews in league with neo-cons had engineered 9/11 and had instigated the then leadership to go hell for leather against Muslims. Both Israeli and Indian lobbies have strong influence over US leadership and the duo would not like the evil game they had started in October 2001 to end since it would deprive them of the sadistic pleasure they were deriving at the cost of Muslim blood. Both desire the US and western world to remain at loggerheads with Muslim countries particularly those which have some bite in them. Pakistan’s nukes are an eyesore for all the three; they want to snatch away oil, gas and mineral resources within Muslim world to make the entire Muslim world subservient to non-Muslim powers. Considering that every second US official is in the grip of American Jews, and that Obama too is not free of their vicious authority despite his visceral dislike for Netanyahu, it can be assumed that conspirators in Washington, Tel Aviv, New Delhi and Kabul must be busy hatching chain of devious plans how to once again put Pakistan on a weak wicket so as to make it do US bidding. Six intelligence agencies in Afghanistan are burning midnight oil how to humble Afghan Taliban and how to denuclearize Pakistan. This is evident from the fact that there is no representation of ISI in the joint intelligence centre established at Jabal-al-Siraj, north of Kabul. ISI should have been the leading player in this setup since it had shared intelligence with CIA and FBI and had passed on all its contacts to the two agencies. Instead of making good use of ready-made intelligence acquired in Afghanistan and FATA to control terrorism, it was misused against Pakistan to export terrorism in Pakistan on the devious advice of RAW and Mossad. ISI’s exclusion and inclusion of RAW, Mossad in Afghanistan’s biggest intelligence centre was not inadvertent but purposeful and with a definitive motive.

The US is now paying a heavy price for getting duped and launching an unwise crusade with crooked intentions. Its financial system is on the edge of default; it is having $3.3 trillion in treasury bonds held by foreigners; China holds $900 billion and Japan $800 billion. Federal Reserve had to fund 80% of new Treasury debt in 2009. It recorded budget deficit of $221 billion last February; its income in February was $107.5 billion as against $328 billion spending. Senseless war on terror is one of the major contributory reasons for global melt down. High pays to troops in combat zones, each soldier costing $ one million annually, and tens of thousands disabled soldiers of US Army lined up to receive disability allowance is a huge drain. There is now consensus on one point that Afghan imbroglio cannot be solved through military means and that exit is inevitable. Yet none has a roadmap how war will end and how withdrawal will materialize. Apart from the chaotic security situation in Afghanistan, another development that has taken shape is the growing awareness among US-NATO military leaders in Afghanistan that expanding influence of India in Afghanistan is counter productive. These fears were candidly expressed by Gen McChrystal. Obama and others did not pay much heed to visiting Manmohan when he put on the old tape of Pakistan bashing in Washington or when India described Lashkar-e-Taiba as a new monster.

The US senior military leadership has also expressed its serious reservations over the role of Israel in Middle East. CentCom Commander Gen Petraeus bluntly told Adm. Mike Mullen that authority and credibility of US had been seriously eroded in the Arab world since there was a growing perception that US was weak, militarily ineffectual and incapable of standing up to Israel. He and his colleagues said that Arabs were losing faith in US promises and that Israeli intransigence in settling Palestinian issue was jeopardizing US standing in the region. A formal request was made to allow US troops to deploy in West Bank and Gaza to assure the Arabs that America was equally engaged in region’s most troublesome conflict. Such a complaint from US Army was a new phenomenon which propelled Obama to redouble efforts to convince Israel to cease settlement in West bank and East Jerusalem and to settle the Palestinian dispute. Recently Mossad chief was expelled from London on charges of copying 15 British passports for making use of them to infiltrate Israeli terrorists to murder Hamas leaders in Dubai. David Milliband being a Jew and his family residing in Israel, even he could not restrain from taking steps against Israel. London has imposed several restrictions on Israeli nationals, while British nationals visiting Israel are warned that depositing passports at immigration could be cloned. Both India and Israel are anti-peace and believe in annexation of others lands and indulging in deceit, treachery and vile propaganda. The two countries have turned into police states to crush dissent; they continue to wage secret war against neighbors to maintain cohesion against external enemies. Both are anti-Muslims, highly ambitious and greedy, violators of UN resolutions and indulge in massive human rights without any compunction. The two are principally responsible for creating a mess in Afghanistan and are making all out efforts to make Obama change his decision to quit Afghanistan till such time all regional objectives are achieved. India is feverishly engaged in a proxy war to retain its toehold in Afghanistan at all cost and to keep Pakistan embroiled in counter terrorism for times to come.

In case the US is sincerely interested in regional peace and wants to exit safely from Afghanistan, it should get out of of lethal Indo-Israeli magic charm and stop listening to self serving counsels given by the duo. Both are making gains without any sacrifices and at the cost of USA. The duo has become part of the problem while Pakistan has become part of the solution. The US will benefit if it reposes its full trust and confidence in Pakistan since its institutions had demonstrated extraordinary expertise in fighting the proxy war in 1980s and its people had suffered the consequences boldly. They are still putting up with the vagaries of war on terror with fortitude. Time is running out for the US; it must decide and act before it is too late.

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