Afghanistan: US dead end

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by I. M. Mohsin

A host of confusing signals is coming out of the US which reflect concerns to ensure its security. President Barack Obama announced, as usual, a nicely-worded doctrine which would anger the rightwing while inducing the thinking Americans to ponder where they are headed. What they are reaping now is what was sown by the neocons and their accomplices, as George W. Bush appears to have been only a cover-up for the promotion of a certain lobby. The Americans themselves and all their well wishers must be feeling sore at how they were fooled to grant two terms to a guy who had no inkling of what was happening.

Now their new President has to tell them that it was ruinous for the US to talk like “you are either with us or against us”, as it may have suited a cowboy of yore but not an occupant of the White House. As things go awry in Afghanistan and regular blood-letting in Iraq by the status quo, the US commanders and their troops are feeling the heat all the way. What to talk of south, even north is acting hostile after about nine years of foreign occupation. In this scenario, it is even more demoralising for the US that the new British coalition is highly conscious of the poor progress of this war, as well as the history of the region.

Surely a visit by UK’s foreign and defence secretaries would have made the US miss Tony Blair, the ‘lapdog’ who allegedly coaxed up all controversial intelligence with the connivance of Italy’s Berlu-sconi to mislead the world on Bush’s gaffes.

The NATO troops in Afghanistan also appear to be fed up as all kinds of progress is drying up. Lately, their commander has emphatically called for the convening of Loya Jirga to reach an understanding among all parties to the war. This is what Karzai has been advocating which the US hesitates to support openly, while the Taliban have cold-shouldered it. The fact that even the Saudis support a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan is very important, more so as they have a great understanding with the US on important issues. So the troops deployed by the US must be under tremendous pressure due to the ‘enemy attacks’ all over that gets compounded by the uncertainty in their camp. Its net result is that generally the EU countries are unwilling to risk any more troops in Afghanistan. Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democrats have suffered some electoral reverses which represent the despondency about their troops’ involvement in Afghanistan. The German President’s resignation would only boil the cauldron further.

A similar cost had to be borne by Gordon Brown and the Labour Party in UK, mainly, for the same reason. This must be an eye-opener for President Obama, who has the requisite intellect and experience, to be able to recognise what is cooking for his country. So, unlike his prankish predecessor, he has been trying assiduously to build bridges with various countries, who had been alienated during the eight years when the neocon paradigm prevailed. Apparently, the damage done to the US credibility can hardly be undone. Accordingly, Hillary Clinton claimed that the US is braced for working in a multilateral world.

Nevertheless, the US appears to be utterly confused. Greg Miller writing in the Washington Post, over the weekend, blew the whistle on the planning being done to attack Pakistan, possibly North Wazir-istan, in case some successful hit is made by Al-Qaeda in America.

Recently, CIA Chief Leon Panetta accompanied by National Security Advisor Jim Jones flew to Islamabad to talk about the issue. Thus the incumbent Pakistani government hit by governance issues and growing discontent among the people, due to the worsening law and order situation, killings and inflation, has to make some serious decisions which would have long-term fallouts. Its failure to give protection to the minorities is writ large all over and makes a great embarrassment for all Pakistanis. The way the trouble is brewing in Karachi, we will have to pull up a solution or we could end up being in dire straits which would only help the extremists. In this backdrop, an expedition by the US in Pakistan’s territory directly killing people and causing other damage would carry long-term costs for us, as well as America.

The US appears to be losing goodwill in our area which also opposes those who are killing Pakistanis through terrorism. So much so that the 9/11 official story is being generally questioned. BBC recently indicated that Philip Alston, UN Rapp-orteur on extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions, has denounced the “drone attacks being launched in Pakistan regularly.” Such attacks make many more Taliban in Afghanistan and helps their ilk in Pakistan. It is also being believed here that Bin Laden is dead and his bogey is being kept up as a devious game. If the US gives the impression of being afraid of Al-Qaeda even without Bin Laden, what message would it send to the world?

The US has to organise its intelligence services which appear to be facing a crisis, as is indicated by Dennis Blair’s resignation. Incidents like Shahzad’s alleged crude attempted blast in New York have to be intercepted by an army of agencies maintained by it. The US bully, Israel, has landed navy commandoes on a peace flotilla which was meant to aid the beleaguered Palestinians. This is in the tradition of Hitler or a mad Brigadier Dyer in India, who had opened fire in Amritsar in 1920s on ordinary civilians to teach them a lesson.

The Israeli commandoes killed 20 peace activists, mostly Turkish, which has emphatically denounced the atrocity. For Taliban such a crisis caused by Israeli arrogance, prompted by US support, would be a God sent break and they will get thousands of volunteers, initially, in Afghanistan. It is customary to blame the owner of a mad dog when it attacks somebody. Hence the US, as the only sponsor of Israel, would earn considerable opprobrium all over but more so in Muslims countries.

President Obama must find some way of putting Israel, the US dog, on leash; otherwise Muslims the world over, as yet weak, may lose their faith in it. Such disgust could open up many more Afghanistans!

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2 Responses to Afghanistan: US dead end

  1. Adnan Arshad Mansoori says:

    I. M. Mohsin — Once in America someone said — “The News and The Truth are not the same thing.” Specially Jewish Controlled News Media e.g. Fox or CNN who are ever ready to edit any Interview according to their discretion as in recent past Alex Jones exposed to them while he was interviewing to Ex-ISI Chief of Pakistan Rtd. Gen. Hameed Gul — But even then I may get happy e.g. just few minutes ago as I just found the following news & being an Orthodox Muslim & Deadly Hatred with American & Nato Allied Forces presence at my beloved region i.e. at South Asia.

    *Aath Sal Baad = Right After Eight Years
    *Mehanga = Too Expensive to bear the expenses of War

    Kiya Samjh Kar Muslim Say Liya Tha Tum Nay Panga-
    Jo Aab *Aath Sal Baad Pata Chala Hay Bhaut Hee *Mehanga-

    Mohsin — As I don’t know — whether you may understand Urdu Poetry or not of my own style ! ? As this is also False Status symbol of Ruling English Speaking Elite of my beloved country as they deliberately show themselves the Weakest in Understanding Urdu anyway — I try my level best to Translate into English that — “West started this horrible fight with Muslims at Aljeria, Morroco, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan & finally at Pakistan – But now the Muslims of beloved land namely Pakistan & Afghanistan will fulfill the colors of Logic & Result Oriented End even after Eight Years of this so called WAT which is too expensive to their own survival according to the Muslims own respective wishes with the passage of time on slowly & gradually basis they would declare Cease Fire – Now the West is in hurry to wind up this War but Pakistani ISI shall never end until & unless Americans & Brits declare themselves Insolvent Countries as Russia did declare in 1993. — “Kindly Mark & Registered My Words.”

    Why the logical reason in coming years this is Pakistan utmost desire to China Rule the World & as recognize Next Corporate Giant in this Globe thereafter introduce rest to others as younger brother of China.

    Bhaut Dour Kee Kori Liya Hoon — Gur Samjh Sako-
    Qiyoun Itna America Hay Bay Cheen – Andaza Laga Sako-

  2. Sakib Ahmad says:

    While the USA and Karzai are seeking negotiations with the Afghan Resistance to find a way to end the bloodshed, what does the puppet Gilani do in Brussels? He begs NATO to stay on as long as possible! The USA puppets in Pakistan are making no independent efforts to negotiate with the Afghan Resistance, they seem happy to act as the USA’s hired killers and to carry out the orders they have been given by their masters.

    Dekha jo kha ke teer kamee.n gaah ki taraf
    Apnay hi dosto.n se mulaaqaat ho ga’ee !

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