USA, Israel and India are a pestilence upon the world

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by Asif Haroon Raja

In violation to international law, Bush administration heavy with neo-cons chalked out a policy in 2002 of unilateralism, shock and awe and pre-emption against a state whenever the US felt that its strategic interests were being harmed.

Threat perception also included non-state actors like Al-Qaeda or states harboring or assisting stateless elements. This policy framework got a shot in the arm when Al-Qaeda started to hurl threats that it would strike at US targets within or outside USA whenever opportunity came its way. Strategy of pre-emption was conceived with eye on Iraq and its oilfields and to retain US unchallenged uni-polarism.

Accordingly false story of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) was fabricated and drummed up with full vigor. In order to justify the invasion, people of America and western world were frightened into believing that WMD had to be instantly taken control of before those could be used against western interests. None questioned Bush as to why he was risking the lives of American troops and coalition forces when he knew that the enemy was linked with Al-Qaeda and had WMD.

While the sole super power is consuming all its energies to browbeat outfits like al-Qaeda and Taliban for nearly 9 years, and trying to destabilize third world countries like Pakistan and Iran at the cost of its economy, prestige and credibility, Russia and China are busy expanding their influence globally and consolidating their economic gains. China has achieved astounding economic growth despite global recession and is modernizing its armed forces at a fast rate.

Russia too is feverishly engaged in reconstructing its armed forces after it achieved economic recovery. As a consequence, the two countries have surged ahead in the economic race and have also established their credibility on sound footing.

Economically hard pressed and debt ridden countries in particular have begun to veer towards China and Russia and are distancing from untrustworthy America, known for ditching its allies and too obsessed with self interests. Other reasons of US loss of face and credibility are its habit of applying sanctions upon states refusing to tow its line, offering aid on stringent conditions, influencing IMF and World Bank to make the countries seeking loans debt ridden for life, indulging in secret wars to destabilize regimes or bringing a regime change, stealing resources, over dependence on Israel and India, imposing self subscribed democracy in Muslim countries and pursuing dual-faced policies.

The US has no well defined and sound exit strategy from Afghanistan. It relies on force and high hopes which are wishful. The US military planners are still very optimistic that with two troop surges they will be able to sufficiently weaken the Taliban’s fighting potential and force them to come to the negotiating table. They fantasize that Karzai regime which is hated by Afghans would be able to win back majority of Taliban through reintegration and reconciliation policy. It is preposterous and hyperbolic and far from ground realities. On one hand the US invite Taliban to join puppet regime and on the other vicious attacks are launched against them in towns and cities inhabited by peace loving civilians who are forced to act as human shields by the ones trying to throw out occupiers as well as by the attackers who use them as informers and guides. It is the unarmed civilians who receive the major brunt of the crossfire and are the worst sufferers. It is they who are accused by the Taliban as American spies and by the latter as collaborators. Pashtun Afghans hate occupation forces and respect the Taliban waging a Jihad against aggressors who have made their lives miserable.

Reasons which compelled Obama to take the bitter decision to quit Afghanistan were mounting opposition against futile war on terror which had no ending, demand for return of forces by home audience and western countries, sinking morale of coalition troops, corrupt and inept Karzai regime, utterly weak position of ANA and Afghan police, melting economy of USA with little hope of recovery, ever increasing expenses of war in two theatres and debt liabilities crossing over $3 trillions, national debt jumping to $ 13 trillion, rising anti-Americanism, challenges posed by assertive Russia and China, growing power of Taliban, al-Qaeda becoming a global threat. His much touted healthcare has come under clouds due to financial constraints while his efforts to revitalize financial system, enfeebled by global recession have also been hampered by Republicans.

These hard realities forced Obama to make a change in his predecessor’s 2002 policy which rested on jingoism and force alone. He has stepped back from policy of unilateralism which resulted in loss of credibility, so important to retain world’s premiership. He has realized that unless crumbling economy is stabilized and strengthened, it will not be possible for the US to ensure US homeland security and to retain its global leadership for long. Having made a swing towards economics, Obama now looks towards successful economic powers such as China, Russia, Germany, EU, India, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia for cooperation. While he is keen to develop intimate economic ties with China, as was evident from his last trip to Beijing, he also remains wary of China’s growing military power.

Notwithstanding the apparent change in thrust from total reliance on military power to economics, on ground nothing much seems to have changed. War on terror which has become the bleeding wound and a cancer for USA is not being healed. Force is still being applied in Afghanistan while expensive covert operations in connivance with Israel and India against Pakistan, Iran, China and Russia are continuing. US leadership is in no mood to free itself from the magic spell of Israel and continues to earn a bad name as is evident from recent act of Israeli piracy against Peace Flotilla heading towards Gaza. Military budget has again been increased since extra expenditure of almost $100 billion is being incurred in Afghanistan due to recent troop surge and ongoing military operations.

Over $ 60 billion is already being spent annually in Afghanistan. Expenditure in Iraq has not scaled down. Insurgency in Afghanistan is uncontrollable. Fatalities and injuries of US-NATO troops are occurring almost daily. There is no let up in drone attacks on suspected targets in Waziristan. US leadership continue to remain paranoid about threat of radical Islamists, dirty bombs, CBRN weapons, cyber attacks, homeland security. While Bush had remained obsessed with Al-Qaeda, Obama has added few more in the threat list. These are Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (creation of CIA), Lashkar-e-Taiba and Punjabi Taliban at the behest of India, Pakistani-Americans residing in USA and non-state actors. Pakistan is continuing to be pressed to do more on war on terror in complete disregard to its achievements and sacrifices rendered. On Israeli prompting Iran is being hounded and harassed and has been put under sanctions fourth time. India is being pampered and despite Pakistan’s security concerns, its role in Afghan affairs is being enhanced.

Analysts see Afghanistan turning into another Vietnam since US leadership is unprepared to learn from history. They had underestimated Vietnamese and got disgraced; they underrated Afghans and overestimated their military power and are being drubbed. Having got bogged down, they still hope that endgame would be entirely to their liking. It is anyone’s guess whether coalition forces would withdraw from Afghanistan honorably or dishonorably. However, one thing is certain! The US will leave behind scourge of terrorism for the people of this region for a very long time. While Pakistan and Afghanistan may sustain the onslaught since the two neighbors have gone through hellfire since 1980 and have got battle inoculated, but India already reeling under tens of insurgencies and having become fragile from within will get swept away by the tide of terrorism.

Recent outrageous act of bestiality by Israeli commandos has not only undermined Israel’s position among the world comity but also that of its chief patron USA which continues to defend or ignore Israeli criminal acts. Time is not far when Israel will become a pariah state and isolated from world comity. The US too would never recover from the scars it received in war on terror. Several eminent personalities including Dr Paul Craig have deduced that the US is now a failed state and a plague upon the world. Its myopic policies together with its patronage to terrorists states of India and Israel are chiefly responsible for having reached this stage. The world has begun to see that the trio is a pestilence upon the world and a cause for world’s growing anarchy.

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