Barbarity of Indian Army in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Indian atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir From Jan. 1989 to May 31, 2010

  • Total Killings* = 93,241
  • Custodial Killings = 6,969
  • Civilians Arrested = 117,117
  • Structures Arsoned/Destroyed = 105,845
  • Women Widowed = 22,726
  • Children Orphaned = 107,347
  • Women gang-raped / Molested = 9,912

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One Response to Barbarity of Indian Army in Indian Occupied Kashmir

  1. Sakib Ahmad says:

    It is a matter of great shame that we Pakistanis are quite helpless to do anything to stop this mass murder and other heinous crimes being committed by the Indians against Kashmiris. The cancer of corruption has spread right through the nation, we have lost our moral values and our self-respect, and we dumbly serve people who possess wealth and power (Busharraf, Zardari, his gang of criminals, etc). Our servile attitude has made us weak and rendered us incapable of fighting foreign aggressors.

    We can only hang our heads in shame when we see the kind of statistics you have displayed above.

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