No forward move sans Kashmir: Qureshi

The Foreign Minister said Kashmir being a disputed territory is part of the negotiations. Pakistan can not remain indifferent to atrocities and human rights violations being perpetrated in occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Islamabad—The Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has emphasised that there should be constructive, meaningful and result oriented dialogue between Pakistan and India for the resolution of outstanding issues, but India is not yet mentally prepared for the resumption of dialogue process with Pakistan and is just interested to discuss only some specific issues.

Talking to newsmen here on Friday Shah Mehmood said Pakistan is ready to talk on all issues. He rejected the notion of a deadlock on Thursday talks with the Indian External Affairs Minister.

He said, the talks were not stalled, however there were some hurdles and both the countries should find ways to overcome them.

He said during informal talks both sides had reached an agreement to identify the areas of progress but, the last minute hitch changed the situation.

The Foreign Minister said Kashmir being a disputed territory is part of the negotiations. Pakistan can not remain indifferent to atrocities and human rights violations being perpetrated in occupied Kashmir.

He said Pakistan also wants progress in talks with India on the issue of terrorism, as we are also the victims of terrorism.

Qureshi said although the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna have positive approach and thinking for resuming the talks, but there are some other problems being faced on part of Indian leadership for the revival of dialogue process.

He said Pakistan is always ready to resume talks with India with open heart, but the dialogue process should be substantive, meaningful and result oriented.

He said the progress achieved in the dialogue process started in 2004 and continued till 2008 should not be wasted due to some unknown reasons.

Those issues and segments for which modalities have been already decided between the two countries should not be reopened,he said.

Qureshi said, in politics, there is no deadlock but there can be problems and there is need to find the solution to over-power these difficulties.

He said Pakistan’s attitude remained positive in the dialogue process and it was interested to move forward with sincerity.

The Foreign Minister said if India considered that there are limitations in its mandate for talks, then Pakistan can wait but there should be seriousness from Indian side for the resumption of the dialogue process.

He said, “We are ready to negotiate with India but we are not in a hurry.” The Foreign Minister said Pakistan is ready to negotiate on all issues with India and had already shown flexibility for forward movement and expected the same from India.

Qureshi said Pakistan has already said the dialogue process should be on equal basis and unconditional to achieve the desired results but that has not been showed by India in the negotiation held on Thursday at Islamabad.

Referring to some specific moments of the Thursday’s talks with the Indian Foreign Minister, Qureshi said, he was holding the dialogue process with full mandate but the Indian External Affairs Minister has to seek guidance and called New Delhi on various issues during the talks. He said he did not feel or need to call any one during the talks.

Qureshi said when he met with his Indian counterpart on Tuesday night, he was in good spirit and during informal meeting in the presence of two foreign secretaries, modalities for the talks were almost finalised. But something happened over night and there was a bit of change in the stance of Indian External Affairs Minister, he said.

He said India was more serious on the issue of terrorism. Pakistan too was serious to fight this menace and informed India about the progress made in this regard.

Qureshi however said, Pakistan is itself victim of terrorism, its citizens, mosques and other holy places are being attacked by the terrorists.

He said, “It is unfortunate that India wants to discuss the issue of terrorism making it a specific issue for the talks ignoring the other important issues.”

Qureshi said, “We should have roadmap for the resumption of dialogue process to discuss all issues, but India wants to have selective discussion.”

Referring to Kashmir issue, Qureshi said, it has been part of the negotiations in the past and it is not possible for Pakistan to become isolated on this important issue during the talks.

Qureshi said if there will be human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and even if the India has its own mechanism to discuss the violation of human rights issue, but India has to call Army to control the situation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir then Pakistan could not remain isolated from this situation.

He said Pakistan could not keep itself aloof from the killings of innocent people in Kashmir and strike by the Kashmiris for their fundamental rights.

Replying to a question Qureshi said it is beyond understanding that India wants to fix the time period for the talks on specific subjects, ignoring the solution of other important issues like Jammu and Kashmir, Siachin and Sir Creek.

The Minister said the progress in dialogue between India and Pakistan could only be possible when, all the issues concerning to both the countries should be discussed in tandem.

The Foreign Minister said Pakistan understands the complexity of the issues and ready to move forward with open heart as it is in the interest for both the countries and wish of the two prime ministers when they met in Thimphu, Bhutan on the sidelines of the SAARC Summit.

The Foreign Minister said, “We are ready for talks with India on all the issues, but it should not be considered that Pakistan can ignore its national interest.”

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