English Umpires Match Fixing Against Pakistan

Pak team up against 13 players!!!

Watch English Umpires Match Fixing Videos Against Pakistan. Horrible decisions being made against Pakistan and mistakes aren’t done with so much frequency at this highest level. Must Watch Videos.

Share this with Friends and everyone so the true face of the English Cricket Board and their Umpires is revealed. Will there be any inquire into this one? I am afraid not and it will just go into the history as another Umpiring Error(s) and will be burried in the pages of the history. Very Sad when we see discrimination at this highest level and in a game which is called a “Gentlemen’s Game”.

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2 Responses to English Umpires Match Fixing Against Pakistan

  1. hafsakhawaja says:

    An excellent collage of how Umpire-fixing is becoming rampant in the ‘Gentlemen’s Game’, the irony of it all.
    I think it needs to be taken into notice, these evidently wrong and match-changing decisions taken in these ODIs and those taken back in the Champions’ Trophy Semi-Final between New Zealand and Pakistan.
    Why is it that when it involves Pakistan, only then do such incidents arise?
    PCB needs a strong head and the ICC needs to stop ignoring it all.

  2. Kerinci says:

    Hallo… i am from indonesian..nice blog…vist my blog too

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