Nishtar Medical CollegeNishtar Medical College & Hospital Multan is located on the western side of the city extending over an area about 120 acres. The idea of constructing a medical college and hospital was conceived in 1950. After independence the need for providing health services became very acute as there was only one medical college functioning in the country at Lahore and second medical college had just started working at Karachi. This region particularly was completely deprived of health services. At that time, there were only two MBBS doctors in the whole Multan division besides 3 licentiate doctors. It was decided by the then Governor of the Punjab, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar to build a medical college and a teaching hospital at Multan.

The foundation stone laying ceremony for the medical college was held on 28th April 1951 by the then Governor of the Punjab, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar after whom the hospital and college are named.

The hospital was not built in a day and it took it 59 years to assume its present shape. Initially only two departments i.e. Department of Medicine and Department of Surgery were started and later on with the passage of time other departments were added. At present the sanctioned strength of the hospital is 1103 beds and staff of 1822 medical/paramedical personnel are rendering day and night services not only for 38 lacs people of Multan District but also for the whole southern Punjab and provinces of Balochistan and NWFP.

The campus of Nishtar Medical College is connected with the hospital through a bridge. The campus is double storey building exhibiting the tradition Muslim architecture style. It harbors seven departments, five main lecture theaters and five demonstration halls. In addition to these, Anatomy Department has a huge dissection hall. There are also ten laboratories, four museums and a large Assembly Hall in the building.

The dental section was added to Nishtar Medial College, Multan in 1974.This institution has been instrumental in alleviating the poverty by eliminating the disease, improving the health status of the poor and thus lessening the economic burden of the lower strata of the society of this region. It has considerably contributed in improving the over all socio economic status of the masses of this region.

The idea which was conceived about 59 years back has now materialized in the shape of this esteemed institution providing valuable preventive, curative and rehabilitated services to the community and is playing a pivotal role in the improvement of the socio economic status of the people of this region.

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