Russian TV reports Blackwater death sqauds in Islamabad

There are persistent reports in the Pakistani, US and world media about the Blackwater/Xe death squads roaming the streets of Peshawar and Islamabad. There are reports by “The Nation” in the US media. The Bill Maher show had several guests and the author of the book on Blackwater/Xe who discussed Blackwater/Xe activities in various countries of the world. This excerpt from Russian TV also exposes the Blackwater/Xe death squads in Islamabad which are seeking targeting assassinations in the country. It is to be mentioned that this was the expertise of General McChrystal. In fact Admiral Mullen brought him to Afghanistan because of his special talents. Various defense analysts in Pakistan are also naming Xe/Blackwater as a death squad which is looking for Abdul Qadeer Khan.

FO still in denial about Blackwater

ISLAMABAD – While not denying the news, official spokesman of the Foreign Office Thursday declined to comment on reports about Ambassador to USA Hussain Haqqani’s letter written to Foreign Secretary as well as the Director General of ISI saying, “It is purely an official matter”.

During the weekly Foreign Office briefing, spokesman Abdul Basit was asked whether or not the Ambassador had deliberately leaked the official classified communication as was reported in a section of media. Thus by staying mum over the issue it could be implied that the spokesperson did not deny the leak as was reported.

It transpired from the briefing that US AfPak policy for Afghanistan and Pakistan would be amongst the most contentious issues to figure in the scheduled meeting between President Asif Ali Zardari and his US counterpart Barack Hussain Obama in New York on September 24.

President Zardari had already publicly denounced the US AfPak policy ahead of proceeding on his US visit. Thus it has given credence to the impression that the nearly six-month-old US AfPak policy has already has many question marks.

Answering a question, the spokesman said that Pakistan has already rejected the terminology of AfPak and conveyed its point of view to Washington.

“Since Pakistan and Afghanistan are two different countries with different cultures and situations, therefore Pakistan has rejected this terminology”, Basit said.

He said on the Western border there are various problems including terrorism and added that Pakistan has been taking steps to tackle these issues very seriously.

The spokesman said Pakistan would not allow any foreign troops including the US to launch any military operation inside Pakistan.

He said Pakistani forces are capable to fight the terrorists and militants and they had proved it in the recent operation against such elements in Swat and other areas.

He rejected the allegation on Pakistan for causing instability in Afghanistan and said in fact Pakistan itself is suffering from the spill over effect of terrorism from Afghanistan. The Nation.

Teeth Meastro hs submitted an invitation to Pakistanis. We reproduce that here. With all the wheeling and dealing by our country’s leaders compromising on all national issue only to ensure that their own stay in power is secured it does seem that our very own leaders elected / bureaucratic and military have unleashed yet another wrath unto the people of Pakistan by allowing the menacing extra-military force called Blackwater to establish a strong foothold in Pakistan.

Blackwater or recently known as Xe is a rogue military force comprised of ex-military personnel that has had a very bad reputation of being instrumental in a number of assassinations and armed bullying in Iraq and Afghanistan and it appears that they are now being welcomed into Pakistan.

This is OUR country, and there is no justification to import a team of non-Pakistani militia to come into Pakistan and establish themselves for any reason what so ever. The excuse that is being thrown around is that they are entrusted with the elite task of protecting the interests of the American Embassy in Islamabad, which I believe is hogwash.

As responsible and patriotic citizens of Pakistan I believe we as a team can out-fox our corrupt leaders in exposing this menace, this same organization played havoc with the lives of Iraqi nationals, let them not trample over us. We can wield power in numbers, literally found at every corner of the street in Pakistan, we as patriotic citizens of Pakistan can be an invisible force that chooses not be be trampled by an external force trying to run our lives.

What can you do?

  1. Help document all their locations across Pakistan on a Map hence making it public knowledge, at, this I believe is a noble thing to do since they’re definitely a security risk for us Pakistanis and the least patriotic thing that we can do is point out these rouge militia [NOTE: All submissions will need to be verified before going live]
  2. Help take pictures / videos of any encounters you may have with this militia, spot them on the street, snap a picture and post them on either on Youtube / flickr [without unnecessarily exposing yourself] you can also submit them as an incident at Pakvoices or email to
  3. You can also symbolically join the Facebook group EXPEL Blackwaters & US marines from Pakistan
  4. More importantly do join the effort to spread the word making more and more Pakistanis become aware of this increasing menace in Pakistan, a few good suggestions have been suggested by Talkhaaba

Please NOTE: All submissions made to the website will go through some degree of verficiation to ensure correctness before going public. Dr. Alivi of TeathMeastro

by: Moin Ansari

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