Bricks for Bread and Milk

India is spending billions on weapons and has given one billion dollars to Afghanistan in order to create an anti-Pakistan base there. But here’s the real India, the world’s largest concentration of poverty and health problems. But you won’t see this on CNN because US needs cheap Indian soldiers to die in Afghanistan instead of Americans.

India's capital city has been flooded with a new wave of migrant workers -- children. 'Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images


Bring Your Child to Work Day: In New Delhi there are upwards of 100 construction projects underway in preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games scheduled to take place from Oct. 4 to 13. These projects — ranging from several new stadiums to a new international airport terminal — are drawing vast numbers of migrant workers from all over India to provide the extra labor needed. Contractors, already behind schedule, are taking advantage of lax labor laws and coercing their employees to bring their children to work alongside them, promising payments of bread and milk. Above an Indian girl carries a brick at a construction site in front of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Feb. 3.

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Motive behind India’s offer?

India’s proposal for talks at foreign sectary level sounds intriguing, because since the dialogue was stalled after Mumbai attacks, Pakistan had been fervently trying to persuade India to start the dialogue, but India took the position that first of all the mastermind of the attack should be tried and executed, evidence or no evidence.

Anyhow, Pakistan has accepted the Indian offer for foreign secretary-level talks with the caveat that it should be a step towards a full engagement on important issues, including Kashmir and terrorism. Analysts and commentators are speculating as to what has made India to change its mind. Is it on American prodding or India has realized that the way to reach Afghanistan and Central Asian republics is through Pakistan? Or in view of forthcoming Commonwealth Games, it wanted to create an atmosphere so that other countries should not feel security concern. Whatever the case may be, Pakistan must insist that the secretary-level meeting should set the dates for resumption of composite dialogue, and that India should stop building dams on Pakistani rivers – Chenab and Jhelum, because it would make Pakistan a wasteland. And it could lead to war between the two nuclear states.

Though India managed to force President Barack Obama to procrastinate his vision on South Asia yet Obama after weighing all the options have made a move in that direction and unveiled his plans in a televised speech from the US Military Academy at West Point stating that his new policy was designed to bring war in Afghanistan to a successful conclusion. The most significant part of Obama’s speech was his acknowledgement that “success in Afghanistan was inextricably linked to Washington’s partnership with Pakistan”. Some analysts were of the opinion that this was a piece of rhetoric, but President Obama had expressed his resolve “to have partnership with Pakistan built on a foundation of mutual interests, mutual respect, and mutual trust”, which is the only way that the US can salvage its position. There is no denying that American leadership takes decisions to advance its global interests, however some change is visible in Obama administration’s policy as compared with former president George Bush’s policy, as the latter had put India on a very high pedestal.

In fact, India understood its place in the international arena, when President Obama and President Hu Jintao met in November 2009 in Beijing. A paragraph in the joint communiqué had welcomed Chinese involvement in South Asia and mentioned about “Beijing’s ability to promote peace, stability and development in the region”. Many analysts in India and elsewhere see India having lost the centrality it enjoyed during the period when former president George Bush was at the helm, who had asseverated to make India not only a regional power but also a world power. Though Chinas has recently expressed its displeasure over the US arms deal for more than $ 6 billion with Taiwan, yet America considers China as an important trading partner and a creditor having invested almost a trillion dollars in US Treasury Bonds and other portfolios. B Raman a former top Indian intelligence official and head of the Centre for Topical Studies in Chennai said: “The ground reality is India at the moment does not count for the US in the same way that China and Pakistan do”. The recent London Conference on the future of Pakistan has ignored India considering that it has no role so far as Afghanistan is concerned.

There is a lot of frustration in Indian leadership hierarchy because international community did not see any role for India in the new policy which was obvious from the communiqué released after the London Conference on the future of Afghanistan attended by about 70 countries. In fact, it was India that had rejected with disdain President Obama’s policy for the region when he announced Richard Holbrooke as envoy for Afghanistan Pakistan and India. Perhaps now it has realized that American presence in Afghanistan is not going to last very long. And Pakistan could become a conduit to the reconciliation between the Afghan government and the Taliban, provided they are ready to give them rightful share in the government. In other words, whatever scenario emerges it does not have any role in Afghanistan. In this backdrop, India will try to sabotage the reconciliation efforts clandestinely using its clout over the Northern Alliance. Nevertheless, it had no choice but to announce its decision to back the efforts for talks with the Taliban to showcase its desire for peace in Afghanistan. There is a perception that India’s initiative is damage limitation exercise in view of Deepak Kapoor’s ‘two front war’ statement. Read more of this post

India blamed China for RAW generated cyber terrorism

  • RAW’s Black Snakes asked Delhi to accuse China for hacking, cyber espionage in 2009 too
  • Black Snakes’ operation was aimed at disrupting Pak-China ties, giving bad name to both
  • India blamed Pakistan for generating cyber terrorism in 2002
  • The given websites were found repeatedly hacked by RAW itself
  • Pakistan government’s websites were hacked the same time it was blamed of hacking
  • RAW’s top cyber assassins remain Black Snakes, Milworm, Rsnake groups, DoctorNuker and Mr. Sweet
  • RAW found involved in Cyber Stalking & Cyber harassment too
  • Also found involvement in money laundering, heinous crimes over cyberdome
  • RAW’s official Manish Kathuria arrested by Delhi Police for Cyber stalking but then released without any further action

The Daily Mail—Just when it was being thought that the rift between Black Snakes and Green Force had rested, the former did what snakes are best at doing, biting, and so did the Black Snakes, the cyber terror wing of Indian Intelligence Agency Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW, following the methodology that when the prey least expects it and to put it more straight, what the RAW’s coward Black Snakes have always been best at doing, bite in the dark so that their face remains hidden, and chose a most unexpected time, and ever so ruthlessly that even their own blood is shed in the way to make it look like a genuine attack on them, blaming some carefully thought up foe, attaining the mission at all costs. Many a times, the blame had been thrown on ISI’s Green Force while all it does is self-protection in the cyberdome. One feels pity on the RAW who still think that they can befool the world and continue to play havoc, generating terrorism in Cyberdome as well. Thanks to the IT age we live in, now the world knows better and each time the Black Snakes lift their heads to bite and blame others, their identity is revealed by their very serpent nature, reveal the detailed investigations, carried out by The Daily Mail into the Indian blames that their official computer networks were hacked by China’s official hackers.

Everyone must have gone through India’s latest claim, blaming China for hacking it’s various websites and secret data. But what some might have forgotten and let me remind you of it, it was in fact early 2009 that the news got lose of China tapping into classified documents from government and private organizations in 103 countries, including the computers of Pakistan. The same moment, Conficker Worm threat got out too, set to bite computers on April Fools’ Day. The latter proved to be a hoax though but the former, when investigated by The Daily Mail, was found to be a plunder created by Black Snakes in fact; a pack of crackers of India’s agency RAW. Though all evidence gained by the white hackers across the globe pointed towards China as the main source of the network, they failed to conclusively detect the exact identity or motivation of the crackers which was later on found to be that of the Snakes, disclose the findings of The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal further that a cyber espionage network involving over 1,295 compromised computers from the ministries of foreign affairs of Iran, Bangladesh, Latvia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Barbados and Bhutan, as detected. Systems were found to be hacked of the embassies of Pakistan, South Korea, Indonesia, Romania, Cyprus, Malta, Thailand, Taiwan, Portugal, Germany. Everyone knows the cordial ties between Pakistan and China. Thus apparently, one couldn’t see any motive there and so, through a little further Cat and Mouse chase, the truth shone out finally, anyway. And we knew better than to fall under the boobie trap thrown by the Indians! Read more of this post

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