Pakistan’s Strategic Nuclear Assets: Why are they a thorn in the side of so many?

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Shahid R. Siddiqi

INDIA’S explosion of its nuclear device in 1974 drew only a customary “show of concern” from the western powers. But Pakistan’s nuclear programme, initiated in response to the Indian acquisition of nuclear weapons, evoked immediate and “serious concern” from the same quarters. Ever since, Pakistan has been under immense pressure to scrap its programme while the Indians remain uncensored.

That western attitude was discriminatory can also be seen by the religious colour it gave to Pakistan’s bomb by calling it an ‘Islamic bomb’. One has never heard of the Israeli bomb being called a ‘Jewish Bomb’, or the Indian bomb a ‘Hindu Bomb’, or the American and British bomb a ‘Christian Bomb’ or the Soviet bomb a ‘Communist’ (or an ‘Atheist) Bomb’. The West simply used Pakistan’s bomb to make Islam synonymous with aggression and make its nuclear programme a legitimate target, knowing full well that it merely served a defensive purpose and was not even remotely associated with Islam.

With India going nuclear soon after playing a crucial role in dismembering Pakistan in 1971 and enjoying an overwhelming conventional military superiority over Pakistan in the ratio of 4:1, a resource strapped Pakistan was pushed to the wall. Left with no other choice but to develop a nuclear deterrent to ward off future Indian threats, Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto declared: “Pakistanis will eat grass but make a nuclear bomb”. And sure enough, they did it. Soon, however, both he and the nuclear programme were to become non-grata. Amid intense pressure, sanctions and vilification campaign, Henry Kissinger personally delivered to a defiant Bhutto the American threat: “give up your nuclear programme or else we will make a horrible example of you’.

And a horrible example was made of Bhutto for his defiance. But he had enabled Pakistan to become the 7th nuclear power in the world. This served Pakistan well. India was kept at bay despite temptations for military adventurism. Although there has never been real peace in South Asia, at least there has been no war since 1971.

Ignoring its security perspective, Pakistan’s western ‘friends’ refused to admit it to their exclusive nuclear club, though expediency made them ignore its ‘crime’ when it suited their purpose. But driven by identical geo-strategic interests in their respective regions and seeing Pakistan as an obstacle to their designs, Israel and India missed no opportunity to malign or subvert Pakistan’s programme. Read more of this post

Who is propelling Obama on warpath?

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Dr S M Rahman:

T S Eliot had remarked that there was a shadow between ‘idea’ and ‘reality’. That shadow has not shrunk rather widened when Obama’s ‘rhetorical’ statements are matched against the practical outcomes. Churchill, despite his distasteful colonial mind-set and obnoxious Empire-building disposition, was a shrewd politician, who snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat when the Nazis had overrun quite a number of European countries in World War II. His Prime Ministership, proved the nemesis of Adolf Hitler, due to superior strategies maneuvered in eliciting the cooperation of USA as well as of former USSR. Fighting at two fronts, in Europe – Great Britain, as well as Moscow – proved fatal for Germany. Churchill emerged as victor and Hitler as vanquished, who preferred committing suicide rather than face the humiliation of defeat. It was expected that the great hero of war would win the elections against his political rival of the Labor Party – Clement Attlee. But the nation did not oblige by re-electing him as Prime Minister. Attlee’s victory at the polls proved enigmatic.

It was, however, not without reason. Psychologically people were fed up with war. They wanted change. Attlee promised that change and delivered what he had campaigned for. Not Obama. He promised change and a courageous departure from the senseless war that his predecessor, George Bush, by far the most despised US President, had waged against Iraq and Afghanistan. The lone Super Power, equipped with the state-of-art weapons with their killing propensity only technically not following in the nuclear category but have caused death of millions of Muslims – men, women and children – euphemistically called “collateral damages.” The overly callous sensibility of the US President, overwhelmingly brutal cannot be justified in any ‘just war’. Iraq was invaded on a contrived lie, that it had weapons of mass destruction.

Nuremberg like trial of Eichmann, who was instrumental in the genocide of the Jews, should have been held against George Bush and Blair, who blundered into using military power to control the oil wealth of Muslim countries, if the world were free from the menace of ‘double standards’ and the power of the lord of the jungle. Obama promised a speedier exit strategy from Iraq and prove that US President could well be sensibly principled. Similarly, facing ignonimous defeat in Afghanistan as well, besides Iraq, he saw the futility of continuing war in a country which has had no peace since the last thirty years. Torn and totally ravaged by the successive wars by the two super powers, and phenomenal civilian casualties, the ‘will’ of the Afghan nation to fight and die for their ‘freedom’ is indeed a remarkable feat in the annals of history.

Obama started off with a correct perspective of the global disarray by identifying the roots that have spawned ‘terrorism’ and violence. The gravity of the 9/11 Manhattan tragedy was in the failure to resolve the Palestinian issue and chronic indifference to their sufferings and the occupation of their land by Israel. When it crossed the tolerance threshold of the brothers-in-faith, a global culture of terrorism for the restoration of Justice was a reactive concomitant. Similarly, the ruthless suppression of the freedom lovers of Indian Held Kashmir was the determinant of Indo-Pak wars and in accelerating tension between the two nuclear rivals, which have very ominous bearings for the region as well as global peace and harmony. Obama was quite right in mentioning ‘Kashmir’ problem as vital for peace in the region, but the moment, the Indian leaders at the seat of power, reacted adversely, Obama sheepishly dropped mentioning Kashmir as if it were a non-issue. The strongest power in the world behaving like a powerless nation. How ironical!

What made Obama make U-turn from sublime goals to the ridiculous measures of sending 30,000 more US troops, was for extracting some semblance of victory in Afghanistan before making an exit. Accepting defeat gracefully is not in the bones and marrows of a super power. But pushing Obama towards further surge in Afghanistan is the hidden hand which controls the foreign policy of USA. There is a remarkable book by Jeff Gates titled “Guilt by Association – How Deception and Self-Deceit took America to War”, which was kindly gifted to me by the author. I recommend every one to read it who has a passion for sifting “reality” from barrage of words, which are instruments in creating false constructs, specially in this information age, with skilled peddlers of ‘stereotypes’ and ‘images’ like Radical Islam, Islamo-phobia, War on Terror, Islamic Terrorism, Islamic Bomb etc. One of the most gifted intellectuals of this age, Noam Chomsky, rightly remarks about this book – ‘Breathless just reading it.’

Lord Cromer (1849-1917) is reported to have made a very apt remark “we do not govern Egypt, we govern the governors of Egypt.” This is what Israel (Zionist lobby in collusion with Christian Zionists) is doing with those who govern USA. The degree of their power to control USA is reflected in the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon’s statement, whom George Bush had labeled as an Apostle of Peace: “I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people control America and the Americans know it.” (Quoted in Guilt by Association p-xiii). Jeff Gates rightly laments: “American post-war leadership embraced on alliance with a deficit and fundamentalist subculture, within Judaism’s broader faith tradition. Sixty years of war experience have since confirmed the illusion of common interest between an inclusive secular democracy and exclusivist theocratic state. Though many Americans have long sensed that some-thing fundamental was amiss in this alliance.

The facts have not been available to support that intuition – uptil now.” (P-xiv) To this one may add that had John McCain, the Republican candidate won the elections, he would have been instrumental in making US commit its ‘blood’ and ‘treasure’ to expand the Iraq, Afghanistan war to Iran. Such are the morbid thoughts and ‘beliefs’ being manipulated through the powerful media mostly being controlled by the Zionist lobby, which manipulates the minds of the gullible US citizens. The Christian Zionists (evangelists, to which George Bush belonged) naively believe that unless the Jews were supported, the second coming of Christ would not be possible. The criminal syndicate, comprising the Neo-cons, the Arms Producing lobby and the Oil Barons are out to create a greater Israel.

Obama, despite realizing the vicious Israeli game feels helpless in towing the agenda being pursued by the powerful elites and extremists among the Jewish community. They exercise octopus like hold and the impact they wield on the American mind is indeed phenomenal. How can one see peace in the world, when the Super Power’s President is so perilously poised to follow the “fixed” intelligence and “displaced facts” to create false consciousness?

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