Rise of Islamic Economic System in Pakistan

eGold (Pvt) Ltd. is happy to announce that we have commenced our Amanah Services using which you can now purchase the Islamic Gold Dinars and Silver Dirhams, and also open secure online storage accounts for use as an investment and payment medium of exchange.

Islamic Dinar is not only a comprehensive remedy to the prevalent interest-based financial system and a path to the Ummah’s economic renaissance, but also one of the most reliable and safe personal investment alernatives owing to its pure gold content. This can be demonstrated by a simple example that the State Bank of Pakistan has reported a price inflation of almost 100% since the year 2000, meaning the purchasing power of the Rupee has halved in the last 10 years. The price of gold on the other hand, in this same period, has increased more than three times.

It is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet(sm) that he used commodity-backed currencies in the first Islamic State in Medina, with gold and silver based Dinars and Dirhams, as well as other commodity backed mediums of exchange like Dates. As Muslims, today we can proudly say that this apparently trivial, but really highly significant Sunnah of the Prophet(sm) of using commodity-backed mediums of exchange, is being hailed the world over from towering western economists, including some Nobel Laureates, as being the only true monetary system that is non-explitative, robust, and leads to tremendous economic prosperity and stability for the public.

Not only this, but many eminent Muslim scholars have now taken the position that the only way of completely eliminating interest from the banking system is by adoption of a gold backed monetary standard. Out of the many, one of the simplest arguments forwarded by them is that the very act of the creation of modern money – issuing banks notes against discounted treasury bonds – involves a patently usurious activity that is expressly porhibited by all schools of thought.

With eGold as a latest entrant into a global movement in the Ummah towards a return to the Gold Dinar standard, we invite you to join us in this noble endeavour. Your support of this system would not only be a service to the nation and our religion, but also a very pure and Halal way of expanding your wealth, and protecting it against inflation – a fact to which many centuaries of gold’s consistent price appreciation data is a clear witness.

To learn more about the gold dinar, and establish online accounts for their purchase and storage, please visit our website at the following address:


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