Geographically Challenged Americans!!!

The majority of Americans don’t know where Israel is located
Many people living in developed countries, and in the USA first of all, don’t know geography, and just a few of them know where Iraq, Iran, Israel, or Afghanistan are located, although much is published about these countries of late. This is the conclusion of research conducted by the US National Geographic Society in nine countries. Only 13% of young Americans subject to the draft could point to Iraq on a map (and this is at a time when the White House plans to start a war campaign), and 83% of Americans failed indentify the location of Afghanistan, where the US-led campaign has been carried out since October 2001.

Americans didn’t have any better luck pointing to the locations of Israel or Iran on a map. Three out of ten people questioned failed to find the Pacific Ocean, which covers 33% of the planet’s surface and straddles the US’s West Coast. It is astonishing, but only 89% of Americans even know where their country is located. The majority of the Americans questions did, however, manage to point to two American states: California and Texas. Here’s the kicker: those questioned had no problem answering where the popular TV show Survivor is taking place. It was also funny to know that many Americans think that one billion people live in the USA (in fact, the US population makes up only 281 million). On the whole, as the research in the nine countries has demonstrated, only Mexicans know geography worse than Americans. The Swedes demonstrated the best knowledge of geography: on average, they gave correct answers to 40 of the total number of 56 questions. Germans and Italians follow them with 38 correct. Everywhere, the research revealed that men are better at geography than women, with the exception of France only. French women turned out to be the only women who answered more questions correctly than their male countrymen.

The that Americans don’t know the geographical location of Israel isn’t so awful as the fact that some Americans don’t know Canada’s location, which sounds like complete nonsense. You don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.


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The Sword and the Shield: Surround Russia and China with Mobile “Missile Defense” Systems

Bruce Gagnon :

The latest news is that Romania will be hosting the U.S. Army’s ground-based “missile defense” systems. Russia is not pleased with these developments.

These same Army Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) systems are going to be deployed in Taiwan as the U.S. continues its military encirclement of China. U.S. PAC-3 systems have already been deployed in Japan and South Korea.

Army Ground-based "missile defense" interceptors

The Standard Missile-3 (SM-3), already in the Persian Gulf and soon to be permanently based on Navy Aegis destroyers in the Baltic, South China, Mediterranean and Black Seas, has a range of 500 kilometers but can be enhanced for longer distances. The missile was used by the U.S. Navy to destroy a satellite 130 miles above the Pacific Ocean in February of 2008 in a test viewed by Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. “The satellite was unlike any target the system was designed to go after….The satellite was in orbit rather than on a ballistic trajectory. Also, the satellite was traveling at incredible speeds,” Mullen said.

Aegis destroyers launching SM-3 "missile defense" systems

Translation: the SM-3 also has “anti-satellite” (ASAT) weapons capability. That means the Pentagon can use the Aegis-based missile to knock out Russian or Chinese satellites as part of a first-strike attack.

News that the U.S. is about to deploy a PAC-3 missile battery in Poland led Russia’s ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, to recently state: “Do they really think that we will calmly watch the location of a rocket system, at a distance of 60 km from Kaliningrad?”
The deployment of SM-3, with several times the reach of the Patriot, on land and sea in the same neighborhood will only makes matters more dangerous.

The official authorization of Patriot transfers to Taiwan – the missiles are produced by Raytheon Company headquartered in Massachusetts, whose former vice president of Government Operations and Strategy William Lynn is now Obama’s Deputy Secretary of Defense – resulted in China’s vice foreign minister, He Yafei, saying “We believe this move endangers China’s national security.” Luo Yuan, senior researcher with the Chinese Academy of Military Science, added “The U.S. action gives China a justified cause to increase its national defense expenditure, to enhance the development and purchase of weapons, and to accelerate its modernization process in national defense….China did nothing to threaten the U.S., why should the US challenge our core strategic interests?”

William Lynn delivered a speech in Washington, DC on January 21, where he demanded that Congress “put the Defense Department on a permanent footing to fight both low-intensity conflicts to maintaining air dominance and the ability to strike any target on Earth at any time….The next air warfare priority for the Pentagon is developing a next-generation, deep-penetrating strike capability that can overcome advanced air defenses.”
The new Prompt Global Strike system is designed to accomplish just those objectives.

So the strategy is clear. Surround Russia and China with mobile “missile defense” systems whose job is to take out their retaliatory capability after a U.S. first-strike against their nuclear weapons. Russia and China then build counter-measures to the U.S. missile defense systems and then the Pentagon in return counters with the new “global strike” systems that are today under development.

All this means one thing – an extended arms race with Russia and China which will mean huge profits for the weapons industry and the very likely reality that no effective arms control treaties will be negotiated during this administration. Why would Russia and China negotiate to seriously reduce their nuclear arsenals when the U.S. is surrounding them with missile defense and building new global strike systems?

The U.S. war state (supported and funded by Democrats and Republicans) has become a pariah on this planet. You can dress it up nice with a smiling Obama but in the end one has to judge the U.S. by its deeds.

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