Aerial view of Lahore

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1- Minar-e-Pakistan

Minar-e-Pakistan and Iqbal Park, with the remains of the old Ravi and the small adjoining fairground also visible.

2- Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque from a 1000 ft or so above the Minar-e-Pakistan ! The surrounding areas including Cocoo’s and the old city can also be seen.

3- Gaddafi Stadium

An empty Gaddafi Stadium, well not entirely, since there is a matchh going on. On the right is the Lahore City Cricket Association ground and behind the Gaddafi are the offices of the PCB and its practice grounds. The buildings on the Gulberg Main Boulevard are in the background.

4- Quaid-e-Azam Library

Quaid-e-Azam Library in the centre of the photo with the Governer House behind it. In the foreground is the Diwn-e-Khas in Lawrence Garden.

5- Liberty Chowk

Liberty Chowk (Bank Alfallah Square). The revamped Liberty Market is in the background.

6- Kalma Chowk

Kalma Chowk on a moderately busy Sunday.

7- Model Town Park

The circular Model Town Park with the town all around it.

8- Wapda Building

The main crossing on the Mall Road. Wapda building is in the center, with the Punjab Assembly and Summit Minar on the left. On the right is Avari hotel, and in the background are the Aiwan-e-Iqbal, PIA main office, Holiday Inn, PTCL building etc. Bank Alfalah’s dome is also visible.

9- Chauburji Chowk

Chauburji Chowk roundabout and the surrounding areas. For those unfamiliar with Lahore, Chauburji, which means ‘Four Pillared’ was a gate to a Mughal garden back in the day.

10- Government College

On the left is the Government College and the Oval, with the boys hostel and the Oriental College below it. In the centre is the Old Campus of the Punjab University, and on the left is the Lahore Museum and NCA (National College of Arts). Zamzama and MM Alam’s famous Saber are also visible in the larger version of this photo.

11- Data Darbar Shrine and Mosque

The shrine of the patron saint of Lahore, Data Gunj Baksh.

12- Cathederal Church

Cathedral Church and School on the Mall Road.

13- National Football Stadium

Newly built Footbal and athletics stadium.

14- The sprawling city of Lahore behind its iconic buildings

Lahore stretches out behind the Badshahi Mosque and Minar-e-Pakistan. This photo also affords an excellent view of the Lahore Fort and its Alamgiri Darwaza, the Samadhi of Ranjit Singh, former Governer of Lahore, and the Gurdawara alongside it are also seen.

Source: jzakariya

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PAF Exercise High Mark 2010 (slideshow)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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In Pictures: CIA Hosts Drink and Dance Party For Pakistani Journalists at US Embassy Islamabad

CIA Public Relations at work? Do you expect this “Pakistani media” would tell you the truth and serves the interests of Islam and Pakistan? If you still believe that then may Allah help you and show you the righteous path before its too late for all of us.

Shaukat Paracha, Asma Shirazi, Meher Bukhari, Saima Mohsin are some of the names that were in attendance, in a Drink & Dance party hosted by the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne W Patterson.

An Open Letter To The Pakistani Media – How Far Will You Go?

Dr. Mahru Khalid | As I sit in my room writing this, I can hear Indian music playing on the television outside. I know that it is a Pakistani channel,and I can hear snatches of people singing praises of how wonderful Indian music and artists are. It has been going on for the last2 hours and may as well go on for another 2. This is what I have come to expect from my country’s media.

I refuse to go outside and watch that. Because, you see, I’m more intrigued by a news channel telling us how truckloads of Indian ammunition are being discovered by the Pak army in South Waziristan, by someone revealing how the Takfiri TTP are being financed by Indo-American (and other foreign) forces, and how names like Blackwater, Xe, DynaCorp., are raising their ugly heads andinfiltrating into the Pakistani society. Rather than watching Indian movies, I’m more entertained when I go on the internet and readstories of how Mumbai investigator Mr. Hemant Karkare was silenced forever because he could have spilled the beans that Mumbai was an inside job, how the militants who carried out that attack had stayed at a guest house called Nariman House for several days before the attack, and where they were provided food, ammunition, and arms in full knowledge of the Mumbai police, how the 40,000 strong Mumbai police was deliberately kept away from the scene of the shooting, as the terrorists went about their merry way killing people. All this from the pen of a respected Indian writer, Mr. Amaresh Mishra, for me, beats the most smoothly done Indian movieanyday!

I haven’t forgotten 26/11, and its aftermath, when your Indian counterparts didn’t bother to think rationally for a second, and pointed the finger squarely at us, how they threatened people like Adnan Sami Khan to leave or suffer the consequences, how Pakistani contestants were ejected from TV shows. I haven’t forgotten how united the Indian media and people were in their hate, or how vocal the media was with its hate-filled remarks, which were sometimes shocking in their intensity, and all on the basis of mere suspicion. And then, with much regret, I haven’t forgotten the insensitive way you responded to this outburst. Some of you even went as faras to claim that Ajmal Qasab is indeed a Pakistani citizen from Faridkot, a claim that has now been refuted by Qasab himself.

Fake Evidence: Faridkot Residents Protest!

Video: Geo Tv Report on Ajmal Kassab – The Reality

PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS: Close Down GEO TV and Everything Will be Fine

And now, a year later, I see my own country bleeding like it has never bled before. I remember the horror of Marriott, the shock of Lahore’s attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, the valour of the Shaheeds of Swat and Waziristan. This nation will never forget the innocent Shaheeds of GHQ, Peshawar, Parade Lane, Moon Market, and so many other places. Our innocent brothers, sisters, sons, daughters were this nation’s wealth, they were a part of its future, and a legacy of its past. We have lost some of our gems, but we will never lose the will to avenge each and every drop of innocent blood.

Now I ask you, Pakistani media, do you not see who is behind all this? Don’t the daily deaths mean anything to you? Do you not seethe huge gaping wound? I want to ask you, how far will you go in this Indian admiration of yours? I see morning shows competing with each other in getting the biggest Indian star on the show. I change the channel and I see a senseless but box-office rich Indian movie being shown. I go further and I see barely clad women dancing in a spot advertising the latest Indian awards. Can you not see anything beyond the mindlessness of Indian entertainment?

Can you see that they are out to destroy us from within, to eat our society up like termites eat wood? I can almost imagine them wringing their hands with contentment at our political and moral degradation, at how they maneuvered things until we were deprived of hosting any cricketing event on our soil. Why don’t you admire the smooth precision with which they accomplished these ugly goals?

Your silence is deafening, your silence on this geo-political war being waged on Pakistan, your silence when Ajmal Qasab said he’s just an Indian being directed in the greatest Indian drama ever played, your silence on the menacing involvement of Indian intelligence agencies in supporting terrorism in Pakistan. Your silence is truly deafening. Instead, you seem smitten by the very forces who want to see Pakistan on its knees.

Will you still go on dancing to their tunes? Will you still go on leading the people of this nation further into fools’ paradise? I just wonder, how far will you go? -> Pakalert

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